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- Refuse2010-03-31 04:10:19 +0000 #1
is the recent broadcast of the Howard boots ad

Howard take-off from the free-throw line dunk, he really achieved?
wyzz19922010-03-31 04:24:46 +0000 #2
I can tell you is responsible, he absolutely can not do 08 dunk contest should be aware of it, his take-off from the free-throw line, the result was not, the ball is not a button go in, is the last to drop into the , even though he jump well, height is also very good, but he did not speed, a deduction would be the best is 2 meters tall, jumping more than 1 meter, he does not comply, so do not buckle into normalized, after all NBA history take-off from the free-throw line to buckle into a few 1J, Dr. Julius Erving 2 Jordan 3 Brent Barry White can also fly four Carter (said to be foul-line jump, in fact, Jordan was pushing down on the free-throw line jump, and the remaining are all into the free-throw line) in fact rule out the NBA, then James White of the free-throw line dunk is the most cows jump, he can big windmills and other activities. . Well return to the theme, because all know that John Howard can not dunk from the free-throw line jump, so the ads will have a meaning, so that people who have been deducted can not enter into the buckle, and shoes are not necessary to explain his good, to help him run Quick do high jump, it is estimated there are advertisements inside computer components ... finished the analysis, all playing their own hands, and worn out, not replicated, elected me, that no credit has elbow grease,,
52,245,8142010-03-31 04:25:22 +0000 #3
2008 the All-Star Game that he has done
a250100914232010-03-31 05:06:59 +0000 #4
course 啦, Howard vertical jump very high, at least 90CM, and he is also a very long wingspan, dunk contest, when he did this action, but then pedal In the free-throw line before the 1:00 take-off of (this is indeed difficult to control, and the long jump, after all, they are not professional athletes, stamping industry inevitable), then Howard's attempt to bring this, he said, had intended to start back at the free-throw line take-off of.

Dakemili Milicic can not be done, it is indeed hard to say, on-line free-throw line, he could not find a video take-off, but then pick according to his (the emperor champion, duck, second place, Anthony third overall, behind only to Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Dallas Howard), he did two ax, how can only do this on the emperor, there is definitely a skill or a physical part of NBA arena on the BUG ... ...

Modern getting better and better nutrition, physical fitness will become more good, Do not you see Superman Bolt 100 meters? 196cm height of 100 meters world record holder. Who tall is not flexible? Precisely because he was tall, big stride in order to easily record, perhaps the human stride frequency has been approaching the limit, then improve the players body in order to achieve increased stride, precisely this reason.

But then again, playing basketball is not just able to jump to buckle to finish up - the strongest known in the history of the King James White dunk Is not displaced, and even has not hit the ball?



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