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The basketball how to train?

last4Blue2010-03-31 04:10:32 +0000 #1
14 years old 194CM

a lot of people called me about playing center

but I do not want to play

I want to make the small front

is the kind of play

a breakthrough Anthony strong play the Canada-China investment and dribble, but not very good

I want to ask the next How can I like them and will not dribble out

they are higher than I was dribbling more than 10CM shipped so good

I Jiubu Xin own transport would be too bad a shortest-off than I am

Are there any good training methods do?
a4114364632010-03-31 04:17:52 +0000 #2
The most important thing is the basics of high-kobe james 啦 than you - they dribble again better than you?! this is your personal problem - we like to play - the most important thing is to learn well the basic skills already in ....

1, dribble: dribbling To achieve Hangyunliushui point, care must be based on a sense of practice balls, on this basis to develop a variety of dribbling skills (about one hand, changing hands, changing hands around turn around, around does not change hands turn around, fake extraordinary) in practice, it should dribble with your fingers, not palm. Preferably no more than waist high dribble (so easier to control the ball). Dribble when the wrist should be relaxed, with the squeezing action Bounce the ball down, rather than beating action. To train skilled hands able to dribble, dribble should rise. All the passes are completed with your fingers rather than palms. To control the ball speed, direction, fingers should be open as much as possible (but not too rigid), the wrist must be flexible. Vocational training in general masters began to use four kinds of passes law: chest, head, hit, the low hand. These four methods was needed in the training efforts, Europe and the United States generally use the professional master of cluster high-explosive artillery to carry out the limit of throwing a pass training, training requirements for four weeks in a cylinder filled with gasoline and liquefied warehouse, using a variety of pass method (in addition to hit land) to pass a ball-shaped cluster wrestling guns, requiring continuous rapid mass 200 times can not be landed, and then gradually increase the number of guns threw the last five people to be able to pass six cluster at the same time the ability to throw bombs.

As for the break, dribbling Defensive players can be used to break speed dribble (of course, can also be used to the sudden change or any other fake). In addition to changing the speed dribble dribble speed requirements, but also to change the dribble height. With a small stride near the opponent, and then suddenly accelerated (stride length also increased), and to dribble down to knee height position, fast break. Training methods can be set on the pitch 108 Seven Star Plum Blossom gossip piles, no more than 10 centimeters in diameter, the top part of the laying of small mines, to carry out quick break training, so that can achieve good results.

2. In a close shooting training: The systematic study found that technology is the jump shot basketball game scores the most important means of its action is both hands holding the ball in the chest, feet or so around the lap, knee peg-leg, a rapid take-off knees, feet tread upward take-off, move the ball with both hands to his shoulders, right / left hand holding the ball, left / right hand Rotary ball right / left side, near the high point when the jump away from the ball in hand, and the other arm up side straight, wrist flexion, the middle finger food set aside the ball, sending the ball through the fingertips. First in the case of negative defensive practice to consolidate the action jumper shape gradually to a strong game against the practice. Regions where conditions permit, you can select dozens of half-crazy cats dogs (the more the better), with the curtain (preferably with barbed wire) surrounded by half a basketball court, to chase shooting training in order to not be injured by dogs cats, and hit rate of 70% or more of the basic objectives of the training.

3. Ultra-long-range shooting training: ultra-long-range shooting has always been the traditional sports do not agree that it is get lucky, but our movement experiences to tell you, ultra-long-range shooting is a very effective score means, through Training can be achieved very high hit rate. Ultra-long-distance race is often attack and achieved a very good victories. The general need for ultra-long-distance shooting with both hands out of the ball, there are two kinds of chest shot and head shot. I generally select the head shot, so you can better control the direction and strength, pay attention to rather high not low, increasing the opportunity to play board into the basket.

Training time, if in summer, there is a good way, that is, using the shot put track and field athletes (Bowling barely can replace), come to your community where the biggest trash 50 meters away, aimed at communities where these flies the biggest one throwing in the past, if we can hit that one in, you can end the training, or requires repeated practice.

Personal view: Zuoyoukaigong .... if you are left-handed dribble with his right hand as well, it would dribble ... it is no longer a big problem ....
Oda Ping Xiu2010-03-31 04:15:35 +0000 #3

Small meat thief2010-03-31 04:20:37 +0000 #4
basic skills is the first

You're not a professional basketball Bar (yy)

more than 194 practice holding the basic multi-hit real high to play Bai

I like Kidd, but I can not play with these organizations, the weight of 115kg it

to play is to play professional basketball talent is not Happy does not have to the
Great Wall long Yellow River Huang2010-03-31 04:47:31 +0000 #5
should be given every day, training, and death-defying practice



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