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Kobe Bryant took 88 points from that race?

G XX G2010-03-31 05:12:05 +0000 #1
And whose details match the number of sub-point of
532.36448 million2010-03-31 05:26:36 +0000 #2
January 23, 2006 Los Angeles Lakers won at home 122 more than 104 Raptors, Kobe Bryant No. 8 crazy Makishita 81 points in the second half in which he and the Raptors team scores more than 55 than 41. Kobe Bryant played 42 minutes, 46 shots hit 28 times, one-third of the ball 13 to vote 7 free-throw line 20 times in the 17.81 points beyond the Jordan is not only the highest individual score 69 points, but in NBA history behind Wilt Chamberlain also 100 points.

ESPN Bryant's 81 points will be regarded as a god, "This is the history of the greatest performances in terms of the single game, Bryant worthy of the history of the most trenchant of the scoring machine. Chamberlain was considered untouchable, but Bryant is not the same His charm is that he is all latecomers to catch up with the objectives, taking into account example. hate him, worship him, are to catch up with him. "
1962, Philadelphia Warriors 169, Knicks beat more than 147, chamberlain to create a single market 100 sub-record. But Chamberlain is not untouchable, or at least very close to Bryant, and if in-depth analysis of 100 points and 81 points difference, you will be surprised to find that Bryant's performance has surpassed the Chamberlain edge.

May wish to compare more than 147 victory over the Philadelphia Warriors 169, Knicks and Lakers 122, Raptors beat more than 104 of these two games, Bryant took only 46 shots and 20 free throws to get 81 points, while Chamberlain shot 63 to share and 32 free throws before they can get 100 points, on the shooting and free throw shooting combined, the Kobe Bryant 73.9%, 63.9% Chamberlain, Bryant won.

Taking into account the competition process, Bryant's 81 points all the more real. Chamberlain's Philadelphia Warriors then where have maintained a large margin throughout the second half lead, Chamberlain to stay in court only to 100 points to, rather than simply in order to win. But Bryant scored the team needed him most in the case of scoring, and the third quarter when the Lakers started lagging behind 18 points. Reversed when the score, definitely better than garbage time scoring performances to more valuable.

Bryant's playing time should be less than Chamberlain. Bryant a break in the second half of the 6 minutes, while Chamberlain was playing all 48 minutes. Although history can not be assumed, but from a statistical perspective, if Kobe Bryant scored similarly to the efficiency of the field playing the 6 minutes, he will get 93 points. This figure may not be as 100 points, but the game will be another look like. 44 years ago, Chamberlain's game, both teams shot a total of 233 times, while Bryant shot the number of teams involved in the game for the 164, the ratio of the number of free throws with 93 to 60.

This means that, if the rhythm of the game Chamberlain, Bryant the total number of attacks per cent more 46%. Conversion to Bryant's 81 points, it would be an astounding 118 points. If we add the 6-minute playing time, then this figure will reach 135. Or from another object, in the Kobe Bryant era, the same proportion of lower Chamberlain's scoring, then the Chamberlain's legendary immediately shrunk to 68 points, although this is still a rare high marks, but can no longer be with Bryant's 81 points in the same breath, and even Michael Jordan 69 points lower than the year. If we subtract 6 minutes playing time, that 100 becomes 60 points, only to get the second half than Bryant's 55 points higher.

"I never thought, even in the dream has not thought." Bryant said about his 81 time-sharing. Assigned to 81 points from 62, he broke through with 19 points, which is just 100 points and 81 points the distance between. "100 points? There could be," Bryant said, "Man, I really can not say. Do not ask, and the overall thinking about this stuff I'm tired much and feel uncomfortable."
How9112010-03-31 05:42:11 +0000 #3
do not ask, and he can not in this life, could get 88 points.
Legend of CEOs2010-03-31 06:31:40 +0000 #4
beat Toronto. . Is 81 minutes, not 88 minutes. . Was in January 2006 of the things. . Final score was 122-104. . Big go-ahead ah. . You go to see video will know



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