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I am 15 years old. Height 172. Body weight 60. Winter vacation for 20 days how to exercise the body

614,148,6352010-03-31 10:10:52 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old. Height 172. Body weight 60. Winter vacation for 20 days how to exercise the body and basketball skills ah. I can grow up to how high up oh. . Do not copy. . And that what the United States, bounce training. . As simple as possible points. Simple.
793,497,0022010-03-31 10:19:24 +0000 #2
Oh, on the personal experience to talk about. A thing good to score points. I am a sports school. First, insist on running every day. Second, do not go to the gym with the load is too large equipment. that would make your bones connection closed. This Changbu Gao a, and remember. Third, with a book, with the foot up. (it is not clear that the United States trained a bounce, the most suitable We use the item.). No. 4, Lianqiu rather than multi-hit games, multi-cast-point baskets, to a consistent investment, preferably a group of 100 multi-dribble, the ball can increase sexual.

Oh, I himself eating the deficit gym. I do not want to let you step footsteps ah. brother. I now have only 14-year-old coach said I had Zhangbu Gao. hey.

My hands are tired, - -

I Ji Yong pm , and to be a good bar.
tkto2010-03-31 10:48:40 +0000 #3
your question I have seen a bit baffling to

how high you can long that I do not know, but according to your current age, certainly also chairman of the pull.

That What basketball technology is not that Jishi Tian will be able to rapidly, and require long-term accumulation, such as regular bullfighting with people (with thee worse than you think playing with people who play) I was so ...

bounce, then I believe that if you hit a person when he tied sandbags at the foot 4kg on the same subject. or nothing to do every day, walking around with the weight of habit. for some time, so you remove the sandbags, will feel jump higher than before (this I have personally tried)
LI 11852010-03-31 10:48:17 +0000 #4
play first we must have the body, physical exercise is the first and exercise at the same time Lianqiu is correct. What are nonsense like bullfighting. Jumping training methods there are many, such as leapfrog, rope skipping, Mogao like that. Actually, the key is training the leg muscles, while upper limb muscles also need training, and the other is physical. The best way to improve physical distance running.

Short-term leapfrog. Rope Skipping is a good option, but must be controlled every day practicing, Guizaijianchi.



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