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I'd like to Yunus has to beat?

I am glad I Xaar2010-03-31 11:12:03 +0000 #1
I have a 100 flash Yifei Ya, and 76 of the Luojilasi 52 of Rios and 56 remember that Reinado 41 of Pauker can beaten
Aso 3212010-03-31 11:13:55 +0000 #2
No, you have Bulukeke, and, Rios faster than Yunus high, about 170 could be over, the grass line the wizard must also have a first Bulukeke out of use throughout the water gun, and then use a few times Haiyangzhixin, can be used several times by several times, if Yunus with the darkness of the core on again, but also more than those with burns. frostbite. Dufen effects wizard can also be used Reinado by yuna Sri Lanka attack. Can also be more than a grass line with the parasitic seed to Yunus sucking up, but the level should be high enough and can not be Yunus seconds away. Last Yunus only a drop of blood when on the last Rios, using Mirage to Jonas kill.

I wish you an early beat Jonas! ! !

You can add me Mimi number: 97,485,438



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