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I am a girl, just to play street ball did not take long.

miss4n2010-03-31 12:11:01 +0000 #1
I'm a southwest area (sacred bull), forward 18.

Still not trained in how technology in place, not how to understand how to lay a solid power forward.

Which Gao Ren showed me how to play well. Come in person to help me explain better, thank you thank you ---

^ _ ^ also want to know more friends to play street ball, time to play together. QQ: 474775231
614,148,6352010-03-31 12:25:16 +0000 #2
Street basket is just too disappointing. . G rampage. . Technical foul, old grudges teammate. . Internet super bad. . Oh

looking forward to Street Basket 2
America Blue degrees2010-03-31 12:20:58 +0000 #3



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