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Like people in the how to defend LeBron?

Small egg God2010-03-31 13:10:28 +0000 #1
Our school to have a play like LeBron's monster (and the name of where exactly there is a Le characters), whole body muscle, I have high 1cm thinner than he 1kg, he was in the cast, and one-third of all is very accurate, but the breakthrough of the most sharp, most, like LeBron, almost hard squeeze, but always forward, bouncing ball, and dribble very well, what I would like to how to defend such a monster?
true left index2010-03-31 13:18:45 +0000 #2
You say this situation is unlikely to be completely anti-lived, and recommended a slight emphasis on the anti-break (unless there is strong inside defensive teammates to give you Traps, pressed so close to), and fast-moving pace of point, with his distance control, and when he was starting again when close. Or at best be able to judge well-made one offensive foul. As for the shooting can not say the whole place, eyes closed bar. Learn Battier's defense, a good example. Game may be an appropriate use of gestures and language stimulation, you can very well affect the shooting, and usually even a bar, affect feelings. Want to help to you.
847,517,0912010-03-31 13:16:01 +0000 #3
use little tricks! Sealed his eyes the most important! ! Do not believe you go to try
Sara Mew Mew Cat2010-03-31 14:07:18 +0000 #4
If you break, then it became firmly established his position of offensive foul
limuxin19902010-03-31 13:31:21 +0000 #5
hit you back when he was with the JJ top-daisy

explosion killed him Hei hei
KIM_ demon2010-03-31 14:36:07 +0000 #6
What is the exact location? FGC?

Your hands if you could build a long hand that he or steal the words of a short double-teamed only a teammate, or let him call his own offensive to ensure the success rate
My name is raging West2010-03-31 15:47:13 +0000 #7
Given that his good health. Then you have to work harder than him without the ball when the scramble for the ball as far as possible, he does not receive or access the ruthless uncomfortable, hard-crowding is necessary to move your head because I am also a good flow of power in his hair when you let him look at the golfers do not have to be mindless brute-force
Snail Peach Su2010-03-31 14:12:39 +0000 #8



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