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NBA111882010-03-31 14:10:47 +0000 #1
First, I am a basketball fan. (Basketball Is it possible to become the world's first movement?) I feel a little may be. Forces from the world in terms of: the United States, China, Britain, Germany, Italy, India, Brazil, Spain, France, small in Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia is the world's major power. Australia and the United States, the first movement is football. United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Japan, football is the first movement. India, Russia, soccer is the first two movements. Chinese basketball fans it should be 300 million bar. Less than the basketball football fans, there should be about 250 million. Such a calculation can be seen. The United States, Australia, Russia is now the football is also developing well. Li Na and Zheng Jie's story tells us that as long as their country's athletes in the world's top game with good play, then the people would be more concerned about. Russia's 2008 European Cup, the United States in the 2009 Confederations Cup, Australia has played in 06 World Cup, so that they can be more popular in their own country. South Africa World Cup tickets went so far as most Americans. This is my view, do not know any different opinions? ? "

yishunjianzj2010-03-31 14:14:06 +0000 #2
I am also an NBA fan, but I do not all the games are exciting to see but look for certain. Saying this, I mean is that basketball is very attractive but not every game is so exciting. No matter what sport has the charm of which he was to see him develop! Example, may be implemented immediately NBA players pay cuts may lead to a lot of good players to leave the NBA so the fans would like their attention to Yao NBA, but if this year's draft to introduce a lot of good players led to a lot of games are very exciting so concerned about the NBA, of course, more and more people will also have a lot of people have fallen in love with basketball so I believe the sport to grow Brother Li famous advertising anything is possible
Withpp Kogoma2010-03-31 14:39:05 +0000 #3
I think basketball has not yet developed into the world The first movement, mainly in various countries uneven grade basketball league, like the NBA, are the biggest names in the top, however, in the NBA's Stephon Marbury to Shandong Hunbuxiaqu a play, can not in China, caused a small sensation.

Take a look at football, La Liga, Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie A and other leagues, each country has its wealthy team,

4 years term of the European Cup also made fans blood boil.

This is what basketball is less than the development of local football, but it also does not mean that basketball was not good enough. Basketball To develop the world's first movement, there is still a long way to go, at least the league should be run in various countries have a high level.

In any case, football and basketball are all left us numerous classic moments and legendary stories, has its own unique charm to attract us!
WhiTe_3152010-03-31 14:43:07 +0000 #4
In fact, basketball is also very attractive -! As for the first major sports, this is a eyes of the beholder, the wise see the intellectual issues. Hot soccer in Europe, I believe for everyone to see. C5 huge sums of money to buy broadcast rights for the brain is not disabled because there are large populations in the two middle of the night to look at the people's blood boil Paqi project.

World Cup and world championships compared to popular one, it is not difficult to see the World Cup is definitely high above. Although I do not like football, but I will look at each World Cup, by which time, the World Cup would be for all sports fans and non-sports fans to talk about topics.

From another point of thought, because when China's Yao Ming, so we are familiar with NBA would not have been more familiar with the Rockets have become the home team of the Chinese people. However, if the point of Chinese football fight bullying? Do not have anything else, will be able to return to the Hao Hao boss that would be the trend of Chinese football would not be so lonely. China is no longer a football atmosphere is disappearing, not the kind of passion for football, of course, do not feel the charm of football. Moreover, NBA basketball no matter how sophisticated, in the United States, football is the first major league. In the United States are so, not to mention it in the world.

Star is also an important factor. NBA without Michael Jordan, certainly not by the world's attention. Great art of basketball because of Jordan, making NBA become even more spectacular. Even if the present KOBE, JAMES. But take a look at football bar. Pele, Maradona, 3 Lo, Pui Shuai, KAKA, Messi and so on talent in the world was bound than the famous NBA superstars come and go over. Football is not surprising that concern. And secretly tell you. My idol kobe, or football fans do. james? He is rugby fans! He likes to be called a New York-based team -!

Basketball will certainly flourish. Attractive, competitive nature. If the world is broadcast around the league level and play water products are the same as the NBA. More like a few, like Michael Jordan the Great talent.

The world's first ball, not far ah! -



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