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Tracy McGrady deal of how would I do?

Beef2010-03-31 15:10:23 +0000 #1
Feel can not see Tracy McGrady to play games was a little disappointed.
front light without rumble of rolling stones2010-03-31 15:12:15 +0000 #2
press this season. Despite having had games but how can say Mai Diji not played the ball. Like a rocket race record is good or bad has nothing to do with him. Which do not see the Tracy McGrady of the Rockets the pros and cons. but according to salary in the high to measure ... McGrady could return for the contract to another superstar ... according to my personal views .. .. Madison is a superstar, but he is relatively a very gentle character. If He has that kind of arrogance kobe Wade ... he will be another Jordan. but the character is difficult to change. Whatever Tracy McGrady to play in that team .. he is still that way .. maybe he can get better .. but it was only hit his high point of this change. ... the other will not change the current situation of the rocket deal of wheat that has no effect on the team. and the greatest benefit is Yao Ming, the Rockets have come back into the large space great row of stars and Yao Ming together with another miracle
Small james2010-03-31 15:39:17 +0000 #3
on the current situation, right Tracy McGrady at a disadvantage.

Some time ago on the spread of opinion and Tracy McGrady with the Murray:

Tracy McGrady would like to buy him a rocket, this advantage is to find yourself after the buyout team and almost Moods may not consider the question of wages, find like his team, performance opportunities will become more, or go to a championship with the strength of the team, the team for next season to sign new pave the way, with good performance only with the new owner about the price of capital.

The Murray would like such a drag, such as contract expires next season, signing big-name. This is very unfavorable for Tracy McGrady, because it dragged, but also to prevent McGrady play performance, McGrady can only be signed for next season is almost a very low salary.

But there's a new argument, Murray saw the rocket's recent performance is not satisfactory, the team wanted to trade to improve the look around. But with the Rockets are the team rumored as the Wizards, the Bulls this second-rate team, and if once the transaction, McGrady must get in the new team branded balls, but must be realized is good, to tell the league that he can OK, only in this way can there be more next season, the team would be interested in him.

Want to see Tracy McGrady to play as soon as possible, you have to hope that Murray quickly deal He called upon, while Murray was crafty person, do not feel good chips, is never easy transaction.
Information2010-03-31 15:47:33 +0000 #4
Internet gently to leave the Rockets can only be concerned about his 啦



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