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How do you think Yi Jianlian.

JR. Cat-Xia. Wade2010-03-31 16:11:36 +0000 #1
Nets bad Yeah, you have to Yi Jianlian? If yes, how bad? That he should return to the CBA?
HESHYI2010-03-31 16:26:12 +0000 #2
he was not suitable playing NBA, obviously, he was not such as Wang, Yi Jianlian has a really good bounce, a definite height advantage, but the basketball IQ is very general, and it does play nor stable.

Nets are now in the reconstruction among the poor record is taken for granted, Yi Jianlian is also unworthy of the No. 6 pick in the then NBA scouts valued his outstanding physical quality, that technical problems in the coming NBA will be improved, but the Yi Jianlian with CBA now abandoned not as good as Swift, Swift though ashamed to face the second pick, but he also had at least 10 +10 season report card, Yi Jianlian's shooting is poor, inner-Qiang CBA is also OK to play the ability, in the NBA is simply a soft egg, Carter once instructed in training and Yi Jianlian to play more to the inside, not always free in the outside projection.

Yi Jianlian returned CBA is only a matter of time, and now in his Nets contract expires, the Nets will definitely not be renewed, then the Wang Yi Jianlian may be the same as the year a few teams playing the 0:00 thoroughly after work by NBA abandoned.

Chinese player Yao Ming is the only successful, Battle, and Sun Yue is lucky, because they were all playing on how not to get a ring, Wang barely get rings, there are rumors that Yi Jianlian will be traded to the sun and other teams, but in my opinion these are not set up, the cat with three legs Yi Jianlian in the NBA has already been seen through the martial arts, there will be no teams willing to receive it, even if he has the backing of the Chinese market.
lljjzzyy2010-03-31 16:54:15 +0000 #3
may be due to too much, he's shooting has been erratic.

before his body looked too thin in the NBA last summer, had become strong point, but the overall environment of the NBA can only be regarded as in general, and not a particular draw.

a strong body is to lay the basis for the ball, and ultimately to go back to technology.

His resilience was not very good, comprehensive strength is also still remain to be improved, the current performance of it can not be good, but I think it is not so bad, there are still a certain degree of development prospects.
shshjj2010-03-31 16:57:56 +0000 #4
--- say that the improvement is too slow, to the NBA for three years, and actually will not single-handed dunk, I do not believe his hand as small as. .. one hand and do not live for one-handed dunk basketball level. What sort of a slightly difficult technology? Can not be changed? After all, we do not feel that this technology is useless, right? ? ! !

You can say that he spent the two teams are bad enough - in fact blue line last season was not bad, but the United Arab extent of their efforts? ? ? Force as early as prior to the NBA to strengthen the accused, and the results until two years later to see some changes.

A lot of things is to accumulate little by little, I do not believe that the present United Arab level, but can achieve higher goals, still have to look at his own pay and effort.

There are behind him that is not how the team feels like. . .
Of the original network two simple-minded, 42010-03-31 17:28:36 +0000 #5
Yi Jianlian still needs polishing, there is still need to accumulate experience. I feel he should try to change the location, height of his power forward is indeed the height, but in the NBA where he appeared he was slim, he should try to look at small forward on the effort. A joint has the speed, there is bouncing, as the Chinese players of his basic skills is still relatively solid, shooting is also a good feeling that is unstable (this is with his court positioning a relationship, being too inflexible in the basket against the technical and physical training) . A joint should try to Peja enhanced version of a breakthrough in the direction of efforts, and then blindly directed at power forward Qupin to the United Arab really contribute much to the physical conditions of
a month, such as2010-03-31 18:34:06 +0000 #6
please come home. CBA needs you
Man Fei Shu2010-03-31 16:42:24 +0000 #7
But he can get three-year CBA's overall champion, a year CBA's MVP, there are still people say he can not do a foothold in the CBA?
trtasyx2010-03-31 19:34:37 +0000 #8
play like a robot, very stiff, still need to hone. The other is the basketball IQ might be a problem, others in the space, he himself insisted on hard, non-passing, and others, the exchange is not enough ah.
Inji 002010-03-31 17:59:36 +0000 #9
look quite honest, every interview he Dudunangnang, unclear articulation do not know what to say. You see a level of more than Yao said. Xiao Yi on the sly is not heard of honest people ah.

In short looks a bit silly!



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