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Yao Ming on NBA salaries

bitten two apple2010-03-31 17:10:22 +0000 #1
Yao's 5-year salary 7600WUSD which is high in the NBA's Yao Ming do

There are not counted in the Yankees behind the eyes of the NBA's No. 2 O'Neill center
to understand the time2010-03-31 17:26:54 +0000 #2
Yao Ming for five years 76 million salary is not high, it is equivalent to a general all-star salary bar, which came in more than a dozen in the NBA, right, the Union there are more than annual salaries were higher than 2000W, such as Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, O'Neal, etc., can put forward earlier this year, but Yao contract, if the negotiations successful, it may be adjourned to a maximum salary.

Yao Ming is China's sports athletes, the international image is quite high, but in American eyes, Yao Ming has been relatively soft, style is not in good health, is greater than the number of black Yao Yao the number of honey, which may be mainly Because of Yao Ming frequently injured, especially this year, the year sidelined with injuries, is definitely weakened his position in the NBA, Americans ranked the hearts of today's center Shaquille O'Neal has not ranked first, and now is basically the eyes of most Americans Howard cattle center of the
duanshenfeng2010-03-31 17:53:28 +0000 #3
is high, but not the highest in the NBA more than 10 million dollars even if the maximum salary of

No. 2 center is just blowing out of the Chinese people themselves, in Yankee hearts, Yao Ming is just a good center only , do you die when the Howard 呀?
lishiwei12342010-03-31 18:01:02 +0000 #4
not a super-maximum salary. But it is not lower

Tai Yao technology is OK, but the problem is always restricted his physical play, one to the fourth quarter is always a weak habit. And the problem is serious injury Dayao

Big Yao and Howard have their own unique skill, the old Hall's defense, big Yao attack. However, O'Neill has now is not the first center. Howard is the successor
occasional bú Shuai2010-03-31 18:45:27 +0000 #5
Yao Ming, now the rookie contract or sub-contract after the first year, should do regarding reach the peak after the expiration of salary
I am willing to address the dragons dead2010-03-31 19:22:04 +0000 #6
No. 2 center is just blowing out of the Chinese people themselves , as well as Howard does!
Inake2010-03-31 17:40:15 +0000 #7
count high, about 15 million this year, about Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady more than 2300 million, the highest in the whole Union. NBA maximum salary limit the number of years now to enter the NBA.

Now O'Neal is not the first great center of the. Each have their own point of view bar.
yxy06112010-03-31 18:34:26 +0000 #8
Yao Ming, an annual salary of 16.37 million next season, with the sun's Sundance Kid came in tied for 14th.

Yao on the calculation of the best center in the NBA. Are technical faction.

However, after years of injury problems
decadence de heartbreaking qq2010-03-31 20:54:07 +0000 #9
is higher; not
Image slimming therapists2010-03-31 18:36:47 +0000 #10
Do not blow the. Also second center? Howard, Stoudemire and even David Lee Kaman stronger than Yao Ming. At least people 75 + in every season play, but Yao Ming, playing for three consecutive years 50 + is that the truth can not be considered a professional player,
Angels ‖ of Meng2010-03-31 17:47:44 +0000 #11
This is the maximum salary, but in American eyes, it should not be so believe that, because Yao Ming does not belong to people who are always playing for the data because of the team to make concessions in the data, so data are not recognized, there is a Yao Ming, the speed problems, such as players encounter Okur on the defensive at a disadvantage so it will not be easy to identify.

But in fact, NBA center Yao Ming should be the NO.1.



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