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Inside poor, strong outside. (High school) how arrangement of offensive, defensive tactics?

KOBEMVP162010-03-31 19:10:03 +0000 #1
The following information for the team members:

center 186cm, 81kg, particularly poor basic skills and sense of the difference, in addition to the other will not work strong upper body strength, physical difference, layup No, not allowed to shoot, grasping rebounds not live without card bit will not post moves, will not cover singles was a bad, bad defense, awareness not work.

Power forward: 173cm, 62kg, the body is not strong, force is not strong, physical general, basic general and sense of the general, layup general, slow shooting more accurate and strong rebounding ability, the card bit poor, not post moves will not cover, bouncing general, singles, and heavy basket will hook, but not allowed, strong defense, poor awareness. Power forward: 178cm, 79kg, poor basic skills and sense of the poor, poor power, poor stamina, layup general, shooting is not accurate, not grasping plate, not card position, will not post moves, will not cover Bounce No, singles poor, poor defense, awareness not work. Power forward: 179cm, 68kg, poor basic skills and sense of the ordinary, strong body strength, physical strength, layup general, poor shooting, not card position, will not post moves, will not cover singles not strong, the most main thing is that he was alone, not with, like going it alone, do not listen to command, poor defense, poor awareness.

Small forward: 184cm, 67kg, his stay there in the school basketball team (non-main), all can be only physical strength is not very good, can suddenly be able to vote, not one-third capacity, low post offense not, strong defense, awareness good. Small forward (front position swing, the core team): 180cm, 72kg, main school basketball team, all-around type, body forces are strong, can suddenly be able to vote, there is a strong one-third capacity, strong bounce (Shuang Shouzhua box but can not buckle,) singles ability, strong defense, good sense (the only level competition experience).

Posterior: 176cm, 62kg, his stay there in the school basketball team (non-main), body forces not, can suddenly be able to vote, not one-third capacity, bouncing not, singles resistant and defensive general, awareness of good (with county game experience). Back: 178cm, 57kg, poor physical strength, stamina general, basic general and sense of the good, the general layup, basketball shooting slow, more accurate, one-third of poor, post moves generally will not cover, lazy defense, awareness of the general . Back: 169cm, 55kg, poor physical strength, stamina general and sense of the general, general layup, basketball shooting slow, not very accurate, no-third of capacity, poor post moves, will not cover, defensive general, poor awareness.

Like this team, every game encounters in the case, what tactics to play a good offensive? What is a good tactical defensive play?

Urge basketball 高手帮帮忙, kindness is not made welcome, hope it is not to help people who do not make trouble. What other questions can be raised, I will add that in for you. Thank you!

whoops feed of the day2010-03-31 19:15:31 +0000 #2
O (∩ _ ∩) O-
or enhance the training team with the right -
3838015472010-03-31 19:59:51 +0000 #3
defense to go online to find a 2-3 defense videos see next key is to require all stations people familiar with blinded Dafa! ! ! ! Sudden attack, the more points it to play too many tactical high school students also, but with no breakthrough in multi-tied Power
zzp5452010-03-31 19:52:43 +0000 #4
Let PF starting when the C

so that a level competition experience, and back with even try to let more When PG

with this training center to confront the culture more than a tacit agreement
mirror fann2010-03-31 19:44:56 +0000 #5
This is our teacher was

For no professional training in high school shooting, the shooting about 25%

So when the defense All shrink the basket, put in long shot, anti-break, the team rebound
Maiken Ci2010-03-31 20:22:03 +0000 #6
amateur team, what tactics can be the most fundamental is not easy enough to grasp the under screens, cut and conscious anti-run, if the basket No, poor awareness, it would not do anything woven
Irish Coffee - Hin2010-03-31 22:00:33 +0000 #7
If I were coach can use their head against a wall! However, since it is established fact, it had adopted piecemeal measures the ... ... I was playing point guard, not professionals, just spend more time playing, middle and high schools, universities, schools have played the game (although representing the class), the following is my personal opinion, I hope you can help it ... ...

If only meet the general class competition, nor is it not, the key to see the overall level of your opponent. If the general level, then a team of three people will be playing is enough. You do, barely meet this condition the.

As for how to defend, how offensive, I think mainly to see what kind of opponents you encounter, or simply to say how to do that, purely on blind, the key is to have targeted! A closer look at your opponent, everyone has weaknesses.

Broadly speaking, as your team may wish to listen to the views of small forward, after all, played in the school team, experience more, the market has seen a large, multi-and his discussion of the discussion, according to local conditions is a good tactic!

You have a good class overall height, as card bit and cover short-term intensive nor can not, and two other people about them intensive training, must be restricted to protect, protect rebounds, after all, an amateur game, rebounds exceptionally important ! Before the market rebounds, you can experience some attacks on the look, after all, you have height, the probability may be larger. Sharu inside as much as possible score.

Defense when the awareness is important, may be more important is thinking more that you want to defend, we must mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, more running, more than make up bit! As for the physical problem, you can solve by substitution. Remember, Fangbu Zhu is one thing, no defense is another matter!

Attack, they can consider that back and more to your core playing under screens. To open opportunities to give you the core of a number of opportunities for singles, but not absolutely necessary, do one exhausted, if I was the other coach, to look at the airport, it will assign special personnel to man-mark and to strengthen to help defend.

So you can provide information about competitors, there may be a better way - for example, the University League, we have a rival defender, very good technology, but too much independence, I was defending him, deliberately killed into the restricted area, but prevent him from three steps, then, hey, more natural-team, so the ball is not only well into, rebounding is also our ... ...

always pay attention to you!
Monster 07152010-03-31 21:15:30 +0000 #8
to a star player for the core team to build a team it
ranyideai2010-03-31 20:26:33 +0000 #9
see next game it played by the rocket is the feeling I do not know very little jargon empty words that I said it's useless to the next

I used the actual implementation in the school team is not as you say now

first attack: we rely on to promote two-guard (but a good sense of team speed almost fast-break) is also a center waste (basically useless place on the next card that can be bad) we will forward a cover up by 2

2 guard in the cast, but we have a third (not very accurate) basic tactics for the forward development of this

and then the basket ball singles tactics must be in place in the field there is no clear Tactical team members will be chaos when the bad course stations are also crucial 3-point line may contain some basic skills

do not know how you back in the team's role is key so the two-guard

can not put the ball in accordance with the tactical Over the past delivery problems, after all, the students are not professionally trained

and said defense: good, physical team on the marking and then pressed under the fast break at any time otherwise have no chance of 2,3-defense if the defense would not work well together, but difficult to implement If you have to put defense protecting the people to vote for 3 seconds 3 seconds District area outside shooting on the interference on the line or else someone suddenly came up a rebound and you have no rebounds when up against each other in the rush of nature so the



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