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Money on the rebound on the edge of Helena problem

Jingshengliang2010-03-31 19:10:45 +0000 #1
everyone says can Wen Si Kate and Kevin Garnett in rebounding at a young age when the upper edge of holding money, but should have carefully read this question, Carter dunk contest in 2000 on the Bounce is not sufficient to enable him to take money in rebounds on the edge, it should be the peak of spring almost Carter.

And Garnett, fierce head when you can almost jump up to the basket, even if it can not get rebounds on the edge of the coin, even if his arm is very long, unless he can touch the arm vertically down the central leg that it almost could be real is not the case

we talk about, you believe it or not Carter and Kevin Garnett can get rebounds on the edge of the coin?
raybin9102010-03-31 19:15:42 +0000 #2
nba legends, many trapeze, trapeze top martial arts legend is, after jumping the last to touch the backboard along, but in the end who can touch on the upper edge of boards, today, the reason is very simple We simply have not seen it touch the backboard along Ren Hefei exact image and text data, on the question, I made some research, my point of view, active nba players no one can touch the backboard the upper edge, as the legendary people of God which, I also expressed deep skepticism, but the era of long, bad evidence, worth mentioning, let us talk right now,

want to know whether a person is to touch the backboard of the along, then we must know that he's Mogao, we start to analyze a person's Mogao rebounds on the edge to achieve the conditions required for 3.95 m,

began to explain before, all the analysis in this article Bounce Bounce is the standard in situ,

a person's Mogao, of course, that he jumped up after the hand can touch the highest point of the height, should be a person standing with a man standing Mogao Bounce,

I am a man two meters tall, for example, to know a person two meters tall in situ Mogao of course the best way is to personally measure, if it can not be measured, as I also have the means to achieve through the analysis of Objective

First of all we need to know the height of two meters of the human shoulder height,

in general, no matter how high a person's height, normal head is about the same size, from head to shoulder distance is 30 cm in so, that is the height of two meters were shoulder high at 1.7 meters look like

and then we need to know the person's arm length, under normal circumstances, a person with his height and wingspan of approximately the same, as did Garnett large wingspan than a dozen centimeters tall and buses as their height and arm span shorter than 20 cm, and are exceptions, but generally show a relatively long black arm, then we take the value 2.10 m, Even in the black, the calculation of this value has absolutely long,

and then we need to know shoulder width, shoulder width will generally increase with height and wider, and two meters or so people, if well-developed shoulder should be between 55-60, we take an integer of 60 bar, after all, a small movement of the basketball players shoulder some of the normal,

2.10-0.60 finally arrived, his arms were long and 1.5 meters long arm that is 0.75 m, Of course, it has a margin of error, when in fact we measure out the amount of shoulder muscle and skin even, in fact, arm length should be from the upper arm and forearm counting the junction with the shoulder joint, so get rid of muscle and skin, It should be said, add another 10 centimeters, or one arm length plus 5 cm, which is 0.80 m,

shoulder high with 1.70 Mega on the long arm is 2.50 m

0.80 m of course this figure is not standing Mogao of value, because we have a delivery time in Mogao shoulder movement, most people get shoulder height shoulder width of the city from 20 to 35 percent, taking into account the black we get maximum flexibility, or by 35, it is about 20 cm, that is, the people standing standing Mogaomogao is 2.70 meters.

To highlight what is, I've taken all the values are the maximum, so this person actually standing Mogao basically a maximum, in fact, I have not seen the official data in two meters in height can touched 2.70 m, and

that is to use the maximum operator, the person must be standing jump 1.25 meters to touch the backboard along, and now we can see that there is no official data, there is such a wonderful person the bounce, so I am sure that there is no active player in the height of two meters along who can touch the backboard,

but people with higher than his height increases, the spring must be reduced, than he who is short at the height disadvantage, athletes, no one can touch the backboard along that is yes,

people will say that it is in situ Mogao, that there is no one can touch the backboard of the run-up along it, Maybe that's it, but I am not optimistic about this fact, we often over-deification of the physical black, black is certainly the most good at sports of all races, but they are after all human, you are like me in a version Jordan biography to see Jordan in situ spring is 1.20 m, 1.50 m run-up spring is, in fact, a little bit as long as you can see his mind the data of water, the run jumping 1.50 meters, kidding, it is said Joe jumped up when the head master at the top of the white line can reach the top of the basket, but in reality, at least I've never seen Joe can be a little closer to the classic value, of course, I see the game, someone will race in usual bounce and bounce different to stall, but played basketball knows, of course, a lot of time to do some action would sacrifice part of the spring, but only sometimes, in fact, need to fully bounce the basketball court where many, Also who can see Joe's head master had reached this level, even a close,

The most obvious is probably a slam dunk contest, slam dunk contest are mostly run-up in the spring bounce, but even that famous kiss basket, Joe master's head did not exceed the basket, Joe master to fly out the name of a character like this, not to mention others,

then after the great era of Michael Jordan Vince Carter, for example, that the magic in his dunk contest performance measurement in the field that there's no one jumping more than 1 meter, brothers ah, do you think of one meter in situ when jumping so easy Well, you know that Carter is most can bounce A run-up, even if a large windmill such action would be difficult affect his height, he will always need the arm into the basket is full of bounce ah, this case still has not reached one meter, think about it themselves,

quoted a senior, then most of the players even if the asshole Folders were firecrackers are less than one meter jump, let alone a record 1.20 meters nba energy more than 1.20 m in I have the impression that only Webber, the rest are crap, to see the draft annual data, which should all be more reliable The two meters of people, a few can jump to one meter, and 2.10 and above are simply no one can be close to one meter, including the magic of Garnett.

The big man can not jump as high, short man who had not so long hands, rebounds on along, joking, in addition to the legendary, and I think there are enough active duty and those who fear that images can be sure that they leave rebounds on a certain distance along, and now they feel their physical fitness should be said that even better than their predecessors, I am afraid this is no objection to it, they still not work, other ... ...
wyzz19922010-03-31 19:21:48 +0000 #3
Why not believe? Kevin Garnett to the NBA when the others just ask him what you're good, good jump, he said, others had laughed at him, he even touched on the 18 or 19 rebounds along the lower (upper part is), next to all those who did stay , and Carter dunk contest in 2000 because of natural movement in the air do not have the full use of the jump, or else the air of 360 large windmill which still physically able, Carter is no problem, more than 2 meters bounce ah Carter, Kevin Garnett long wingspan, but put in the rebound on the coins may be compiled along, and, true enough, but the two of them Mogao severe, it has a video James White can touch to let go of the money in the above goat is true!



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