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How to practice basketball breakthrough

liang34722342010-04-01 03:11:57 +0000 #1
breakthrough No height 173 Spring super speed line can buckle
wxy198908062010-04-01 03:26:32 +0000 #2
breakthrough in two: one is to rely on speed and body. This is the individual talent, and the second is to rely on technique, which is technology. Main practice ball control skills and stability. Powerful breakthrough player is very good on the basis of their talent, to enhance skills in practice. Iverson said people such as him,,, fast. In fact, his skill is the most powerful. . Practice more, you will find that they have significant progress. . I wish you success
Hey Bitch2010-04-01 03:29:57 +0000 #3
speed, then change to practice, get rid of opponents with speed, I do it
gongguandai2010-04-01 03:25:22 +0000 #4
a forcible
wodexintaia2010-04-01 03:46:43 +0000 #5
You can break the four-site four prominent, both to learn a trick. Where experts teach, such as Bei Kejia farmers.

Personally feel that a breakthrough is to rely on pre-judgment and self-confidence, once you determine which direction he should go ahead, do not hesitate, even if they are blocking other people also spend a great strength, when you want to change to do other actions are also easier . Huang others may also fall into rhythm mentioned it, and will strike it along, more and more excited. When the soldiers to come to the water retaining soil cover, either you mercy!
Kaka_ask2010-04-01 04:10:27 +0000 #6
brother, that is your basic skills of basketball is not solid, basic skills training is mainly basketball dribbling master.

My previous situation, and you are almost the beginning of my breaking ball will not shoot the other. Although feel the investment potential but if the game up a fierce fight against a stronger, simply cast the hit rate is close to zero. here's the fundamental reason is that basic skills of basketball too bad. in accordance with the terms of your body so if you want to win that basketball is determined to practice basic skills in particular spend a lot of time practicing ball-handling usually not too much to practice in the cast.

We all know how practice dribbling with your fingers to touch the ball you can look at this video v. =. html or description of this dribble in front of some of

Also it is important that dribble good condition is to have strength, the strength of the finger on the point of good and bad with this have a direct relationship. practicing finger forces can be trained to do low-level of Bounce the ball to the racket is very low has been photographed finger and forearm soreness up to be effective. or holding the ball with one hand on the wall film is by the power of finger and forearm have been photographed soreness.

There is an average of training both hands must not ignore the weak hand (most people are left-handed) in practice, if ignored if the action is to do a lot of extraordinary not come. extraordinary moves can look at the following video

the best one and the same action more than their own read several times. and then do their own mind to imagine how the kind of words. combat and more use it as shown. But do not tightly inside of Xue's moves, it was only used as a Shenkao how 做's comment Juti accordance with its own physical condition do.

There is also a very important breakthrough in the techniques with you about is called a jump skip step or steps to break through the steps of this very helpful when you can usually play when combat training about the use of what

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