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NBA2K10MP how to enter the All-Star ah?

007 a Fish2010-04-01 07:11:23 +0000 #1
First YY give you a little about the experience. I am a PG (6 feet 7,195 pounds), out in Minnesota, started 6 games the basic A, then chose to stay in force, the 5 games are two pairs of the last two games, so there is no experience in the Minnesota delegation will be directly engage in play NBA (think in the last few games have two pairs or three pairs that is top good). So start every few minutes, after all, Flynn along the way for others. Then hit the odd good score the first 20 +, and the last third of lore, was finally squeezed out Flynn, branded starter! ! Now 44 regular-season games, and the date to Jan. 22. Averaged 29 points and 4.6 boards 8.7 to help lead the team 29 wins! Laughing League record! Players of the month2 times too, Pookies of the month (do not know what that means) 2 times, Players of the week2 times, MVP standings II (above the emperor, following Bryant), the best rookies in the first. However, ALL STAR VOTES (should be All-Star voting) which is not my name, I think with such a remarkable performance not fan ah? So in a victory over the Hornets finished after the burst, Paul .... Please send this Question teach 12. There is the All-Star Rookie game ah what at that time on out? What is not visible in the calendar stuff Oh!

c231882010-04-01 07:17:07 +0000 #2
vote not to give rookie, the rookie can not enter the All-Star, so next season it, huh, huh. Rookie race at that time came out of. Uniform but wearing uniform, unlike the real mother is wearing team uniforms.
Wyxmfj5852010-04-01 07:55:38 +0000 #3
time not to his race inside the set according to a real game, we are all stars in the February 13, you hit on Feb. 13 to see if there
xufang20040072010-04-01 07:40:28 +0000 #4
you press by "<" and " > "(switching eastern) try, and"] "and" \ "(switch positions)

brief look at the pages

At first I could not find was discovered by clicking my surprise, or vote PG Wang



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