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A spoof of the classic text to find

Referred to as fallen angels2010-04-01 09:11:04 +0000 #1
to like these two of the BC% F2% B3% C6% B6% E9% CC% EC% CA% B9/blog/item/b5aca2dd64c76ad38d10297d . html BC% F2% B3% C6% B6% E9% CC% EC% CA% B9/blog/item/377007d4c158820ba18bb736.html

is used like this in all seriousness some very specialized terminology to talk about some absurd joke if uninhibited, I collected and sent to space to Bo everyone laugh -

ps: want to copy before the layout can look a little, thank you!
randfbd2010-04-01 09:17:42 +0000 #2
1. Nurses to see patients in the ward to drink, walk over quietly told said: heart out! The patient smiled: small baby.

2. A pig farmer, please veterinarian breeding, veterinary, said: It seems that needs artificial breeding. Farmer hesitated for a long time, the courage to say: line is OK, but afraid it bite me.

3. One sister on the bus to see a man about to fall off a packet of cigarettes on the pedal, so quickly on the man said: Comrade, do you smoke out of! Man furious: You only castration lost!

4. A man going to the toilet with constipation, suddenly saw a man flying into the room instantly with a blow. Buddy child, really envy you, so fast. Envy get at no Trousers dropping it

[5. On the bus, standing beside a pregnant woman sitting on the strange man said: You do not know what I pregnant? I saw a very nervous man looks Road: Can not my child ah!

6. Farmer: I go to bed at night after the regular feeling cold. Doctor: I have had, when I hugged my wife, will be warmer. Farmer: That means good, but your wife when not?

7. Female secretary: boss, your wife to call, she says she wants to kiss you on the phone. Boss: You first for me receive what one would come to me.

8. A fat shaven heads, with the brothers touched a bedroom: "meat Huhu ass like my girlfriend." A fat is not conscious of feeling a bit: "Do not say, really quite like"

9. Selling what vendors: Come and eat watermelon, not sweet and not money! Thirsty passers-by: wow! Great, the boss, to a non-sweet.

10. Woman said: Why do you look so old fashioned it? M wrote: If you like, then the yuan, but also care about what year it was released it?



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