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WCBA seeking a specific game rules! ! ! Thank Rights

wind noise Xiao2010-04-01 09:11:16 +0000 #1
I plan to write a basketball book, WCBA need specific rules of the game, insiders expect a helping hand, in the next grateful -
depressed Trichogramma2010-04-01 09:13:44 +0000 #2
technical foul

members of the technical foul players technical fouls is all the other players do not include contact with members of fouls. Members may not ignore the referee's advice or the use of improper behavior, such as: speech, with the referee or opposing player or contact no manners; prevent rapid bounds to delay the competition; a penalty after referee when requested by show of hands errors due to local hands; to seize the ring and the weight of the whole body hanging in the ring. If a technical foul, a technical foul offenders to register; awarded two free throws the other team captain appointed by the kicker.

Off staff technical foul coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes and team officials must remain in their seats regional teams, only the suspension period, coaches or assistant coaches can enter the speech to his players as long as he remained in his seat near the team. If you violate these provisions, to register a technical foul coaches; awarded two free throws and then the other team the ball right by the team captain of the specified penalty; if any coach this flagrant violation of the rules and be registered, or in his own unsportsmanlike behavior was registered when two technical fouls, or because of his own, assistant coaches, substitutes or team gallery of travel with the team sitting in unsportsmanlike conduct staff coaches are registered in the cumulative three technical fouls, the coach will be removed from the competition to make it to the team's lounge and stay there during the game, he can also choose to leave the stadium; full five fouls (2 X 20 minutes in the game middle) or 6 fouls (4 X 12 minutes in the game) players were registered in the coach again foul name.

Foul personal foul is a violation of the rules of behavior, with physical contact with other players or unsportsmanlike manner. If that is to go to the ball (the normal basketball action) and the occurrence of physical contact, and this exposure have not been contact with each other disadvantage, such contact can not be punished as an unexpected situation. Exposure from the back of the basketball action is improper. Members usually have access to the back of a responsible, because his players with the ball and the other is in a disadvantageous position. Invasion of the rules is to commit live ball, the ball or dead ball into the game as the other players involved in contact with the team fouls, including block, butt, behind the defense, hand block, and arrest the people, pushing people, illegal cover, etc.. If convicted of a personal foul, foul player to register an invasive foul. If the players did not do the act of shooting fouls: foul by the non-place team from the foul occurred outside the bounds of the boundary of the recent re-start the race. If the players are doing the act of shooting fouls: if you vote in the basket to score and award a free throw total; if the two sub-shot is not successful, award two free throws; 3 shots if not successful, then the award three times penalty. If the control of the team members took place foul, foul by a non-place team from the foul occurred outside the bounds of the boundary of the recent re-start the race.

Referee that the player deliberately fouls intentionally or not holding the ball on the ball, the other members of intrusion caused by the deliberate foul as foul. To register an unsportsmanlike foul players foul; to award non-foul free throw together a team ball. If the foul shooting action without making the players are awarded two free throws; if the players are doing foul shooting action, such as investment in sub-score and re-awarded to a penalty; if the players are doing foul shooting action , shot without scoring, shooting locations under award two or three free throws.

Fouls in the 2x20-minute game, a player foul or technical foul, whether invasive total of five times, to be automatically out of the race. In the 4x12-minute game, a player foul or technical foul, whether invasive total of six times, to be automatically out of the race. 2x20 minutes of the game the team foul per half time (20 minutes), a team player invasive foul or technical foul has a total of seven times, all the players after the occurrence of invasive foul penalty two free throws to. 4x12 minute games per session (12 minutes), a team player technical foul foul intrusion has a total of 4 times, then all the players happen to be punished twice invaded foul free throws, players from the punishment that violated the ball twice.


illegal is against the rules, if found illegal, the other team in the nearest location of the contravention bounds, directly behind the place, except in rebounds. Player out of bounds and the ball out of bounds when any part of the body members and boundaries, the boundary of the above or outside the boundaries of the ground, or in addition to any team other than the objects in contact, that is, members of the community. When the ball touches the bounds of the players or any other person, the line, the line above or line of people outside the ground or an object, a pillar or on the back of rebounding the ball shall be out of bounds. If the ball out of bounds or even hit the ball than players other than the object out of bounds, the last to touch the ball or the ball touches a player is to make the team the ball out of bounds. Was closely guarded by defensive players (within the normal step) of the ball players to transfer within 5 seconds, cast, roll or dribble. Ball returned to the field before the field is located in the control of the team members not returning the ball to the backcourt. Interfere with the ball in game time, in the shot, when the whereabouts of the ball in flight, and entirely above the water level in the ring, the offensive or defensive player can not touch the ball until the ball touches the ring or the ball obviously does not touch basket circle. When the ball in the basket in, the defensive player may not touch the ball or basket. When shooting the ball touch the ring, the offensive or defensive player is allowed to touch the basket or backboard.

Case of the attacking side are not scoring offense, and the ball awarded to the other players in the free-throw line extension bounds. So keep unauthorized parties, players shot 2 points to award, such as the shooting area in the 3-shot penalty is 3 points, bounds in the end line to start after the race.

Walk the ball team offense for more than three steps away, that is, walking offenses.

Illegal dribble double dribble dribble again after the end of, or patted his hands are considered illegal.

Play offense intentionally hitting the ball with their feet. If the strong play will be a technical foul. 30 second violation the attacking side within 30 seconds if you do not shoot the ball, even if illegal. 10 second violation within 10 seconds of attack the ball with Daoqian Chang did not even illegal.

5 seconds, 5 seconds is not illegal in the cast throw, even if illegal. 3 second violation of any of the attacking players in the defending side in the restricted area to stay more than three seconds, even if illegal. 3-second limit does not

illegal: double dribble, walking, loop the ball, jamming the ball, throw the ball out of bounds or throwing offense, playing football or boxing ball, time, type of offense (for 3 seconds, 5,10, 24)

fouls: physical contact fouls (thugs, pushing, etc.), personal foul, foul cover, technical foul, unsportsmanlike foul, foul eligible for cancellation of race, foul, and foul under special circumstances (after the dead ball period of more than foul, the rules are not likely to meet the situation), and fights.

Hope my answer is good for you! -



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