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All-Star Dirk distal free throw, the shot has been given a Chuanlan clothes man, who was that?

hdhsdqc2010-04-01 11:11:57 +0000 #1
All-Star Dirk distal free throw, the shot has been given a Chuanlan clothes man, that man?

Is the coach it? like to do in the gallery
cool good girl2010-04-01 11:25:33 +0000 #2
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ah

known as the league's most cattle owners of X

Wikipedia card Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban, 1964.3.26-) , was born in Pittsburgh, he played four years of football at Indiana University after graduation has been playing in the club, founded in 1983, a computer information company MicroSolutions, and the network's most economically prosperous time monopoly to the nation's largest online service companies. January 14, 2000, Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. Mark Cuban "for victory at all costs" motto has infected the entire team, as the spirit of Mavericks.

Name: Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban)

Hometown: Born in Pittsburgh, moved to Dallas

adult net assets: 1.3 billion U.S. dollars

White Dallas time: 2000 200 000 000

80 million U.S. dollars to buy team sports Experience: Indiana University has played football for four years after graduation has been playing in the club

Mark Cuban to college when the economy showed remarkable mind, by teaching disco dancing to pay for tuition. In 1981, he graduated from Indiana State University, received a Bachelor of Commerce. After that, he set up a company called MICROSOLU-TIONS computer consulting firm. Just 7 years, he put the company into a profit of 30 million U.S. dollars on the success of enterprise.

In 1990, he sold people the company has become a millionaire. In 1995, he and his college friend and business partner Todd Wagner have come up through the Internet to broadcast sports events of the idea, and she founded the famous BROADCAST website. July 1999, he sold the site, "Yahoo" own net two billion U.S. dollars. Last fall, he devoted himself to a new career, his company HDNet became the nation's first all-weather high-definition broadcast television channels, sporting full advantage of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban identity, and the United States Hockey League Major League Baseball signed an agreement, some of his TV station allowed to broadcast ice hockey and baseball. In this year's Winter Olympics, NBC he also co-produced some of the high-definition programming. As the network elites, Cuban is one of the few in the "Forbes" list on the can into the top 400 powerful businessmen. As the United States Basketball League (NBA) team the Dallas Mavericks (Dallas Mavericks) owner, he is not ashamed to reveal the rich. The Broadcasting Corporation ( to 5.7 billion U.S. dollars of the price sold to Yahoo, the Cuban is the first to buy an area of 2,230 square meters of that Department's home, which he spent 1,300 million to 1,500 million. Cuban claims that there is a 93 square meters of residential living room, is perfect for casual entertaining team place.

Independent and rebellious Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

long time ago, a father asked his 12-year-old son: "My child, what do you grow up?" The boy replied without hesitation: "I want to make a millionaire basketball guy. I have an own NBA team, I want to retire in 31 years time. "20 years later, Cuban achieved all his dreams, with its own team - - Dallas Mavericks.

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"Never say no to customers." - Mark Cuban

To live a good life, Cuban started from a very early age to try new things, independence, and the fact that also prove that he does have economic minds. When he was a child, once successfully used in a Pittsburgh newspaper strike group made a small fortune: his ride to Cleveland to buy many kinds of paper, each 0.25 U.S. dollars, back to Pittsburgh after 4 times the price then sell. He also has successfully been in the community selling stamps, magazines, postcards, drinks are garbage bags until later became a billionaire, he is still selling trash bags for himself the idea of pride, to know when he is there to do "trash bag" business of the first. Use the words of Mark Cuban is: Only when the first was synonymous with wealth.

But Mark Cuban true success in business from 1982, in the year he formed a still very rare at the time the computer consulting firm MicroSolutions, this is his "Wing when the first" business strategy another application. It is this MicroSolutions computer consulting firm for seven years to reach the 10-digit Cuban worth. After many years in the spotlight in front of the large number of journalists and bright spotlights, Cuban sounds when he said: "In fact, I do not own a computer, it did not participate in any of the computer classes." He such a strange the successful experience of the only interpretation is: "Never say no to customers." In those years, Cuban self through the night to answer user queries raised. "Customers want me to do with the database, or use BASIC to code, I would say 'no problem', but in fact I have not any plan in mind. Although a YES at the time means a few sleepless nights, but I eventually succeed. "Kuban 1990 MicroSolutions company earned 30 million U.S. dollars, was the largest U.S. online information services company and the acquisition of CompuServe fancy. Cuban just 31 years old that year, he achieved his wish become a millionaire, and decided to retire. But this time of retirement did not last long.

One day in 1995, when the Cuban living in Dallas and one of his friends was not in time to see the game at Indiana State University, frustrated, which made familiar with the network of Cuban initiation of the idea of online game play. Mark Cuban's idle days with his second company founded ended. This is the Cuban once again into the business field, in fact, is his own interest and to integrate the start. In his website, Mark Cuban arranged many people interested in the radio broadcasting of the broadcast can not meet program requirements, such as Bill Clinton's sex scandal to do their own self-defense outside the court, as well as Victoria's Secret fashion show and so on, which after attracted 150 million people who visited, as by far the most spectacular one-line event. This in the short term have a very high traffic. then hourly income of the company's staff of only 10 dollars, but they have the company's shares as compensation for low wages. YAHOO these shares in 1999 to 5.7 billion acquisition of, after the latter had more than 300 employees became millionaires overnight. The Mark Cuban's net worth is risen to 20 billion U.S. dollars, and among the "Fortune" then named the U.S. within 400 strong.

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loving business "(book assets) does not make my (basketball) level jumper by leaps and bounds, nor does it become easy to lose weight." - Mark Cuban

If the founder of the successful Mark Cuban is the first time operating their own preferences and make money together, then in 2000 to 280 million U.S. dollars he bought the Dallas Mavericks from Ross Perot while it was the beginning of his running his own hobbies. Some analysts, Mark Cuban took over the Mavericks is its obsession with Indiana State University team continued. Whether it is not the case, Cuban passion pour in calf body is unique and superior. As the network mogul, Mark Cuban Mavericks also more or less in the transformation of some "e" of: he first of all to every player the Mavericks are equipped with a laptop computer, followed by transformation in the arena when the audience for each seat equipped with Internet access jack. While Mark Cuban is the only one to encourage fans to use E-mail contact with their own, and personally reply to the NBA team owner. In addition to the network, Cuban also spread a lot of money Mavericks: To make the players more comfortable way to go to away games, the team he bought a Boeing 757 plane; he has a very low price of his luxury apartment empty room rented his command of the players live; in the "luxury tax" take the lead where he spared no expense to buy the players; to open up Asian markets, inviting him to join ... ... Wang Zhi rule can be said that the Mavericks have covered every step forward the Cuban's money, of course - and passion.

After a contact, the former Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Perot commented on: "I am not directed at the money only then he sold his Dallas Mavericks, the key is to know him. If he does not love this city, not love this team, how I would not give his calf, and the fact that he is the new owner very appropriate candidate for the Mavericks. "Mark Cuban is indeed" a very appropriate candidate ", he fully Perot said with two conditions: Dallas was his first career start in place, he can imagine the feelings here; he is the Mavericks fan, since 1982 he began buying the Mavericks season votes. This time he bought the Mavericks most ideal is to make this his favorite team a new look, finally get a championship. Cuban said: "I have seen the rise in Dallas, has also experienced its failure, and I had the crowd Zhong Carnival Victory, also failed when the frustration, and now that I gave it my all the time . "
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flying personality
" I, and they are different "- Mark Cuban

of course Mark Cuban said," gave all for the Mavericks, "which includes his shrewd business mind billions of dollars in assets, there are fans like wanton mouth. This big mouth not only earned him a rebellious, fanatical reputation have also drawn a large fine. Last season, has seven times by Mark Cuban to make insulting gestures, into the pitch and referee theory fined a total of 505,000 U.S. dollars. The Cuban response to this is: "If someone wants to tell me something, he can do that, but if they think that I'm here to listen to what high-level people, then he is mistaken. I and those 'silent majority' different, I do not report to anyone. Basketball is my life, not my job. Sometimes I would turn around and walk away, but if I had enough and I will make response. "regardless of how stated Mark Cuban, David Stern, the only response is - fine! But Stern and Mark Cuban are beyond reproach, because they have to act in their own position. Stern must maintain the Union's "game rules", but Mark Cuban is one destined to kill as well as "self" boss level fans. Kuban is very clear on this point, so he was also very generous Stern. He understood Stern, and even praised for its management plus: "He's always done much better than me. Although he is always trying to get my opinion because of other proprietors, and a little powerless." Library in the network Ban on Stern's assessment is: in time, he got into the Internet Express. Such words from the mouth of Kuban has been considered as the words out of a very high esteem.

Despite Stern fined the n th section, and also to watch the first n +1 th time of the arrival of a fine, but the Cuban was admired Stern's humor, "because he has self-mockery of a sense of humor, I always like to make things difficult about him. "Cuban said," He always likes to say, 'I'm just a lawyer from New York.' I have never been so close to the NBA leaders appreciate the wisdom of it! "For the past Stern Kuban ticket from time to time in order to helpless humor response, taking part in an ESPN interview, the Cuban was asked: "You are the fine directly to David Stern, or to NBA? "Cuban replied:" Oh, I just put the whole 100 thousand U.S. dollars converted cents, and then loaded on trucks sent, how they love to do on how to run the. "

In the article, ending when found it difficult to general Mark Cuban this person. He smart, yes, he successfully founded and operated two very influential Internet companies, and select the right time to the shot; his freshman repair postgraduate courses and attain the A, but he Why seven times fined and refused to learn the "smart" thing? He reason, is he is able to sense the time they graduation to apply for MBA Fang Qi, not with the public trend of it because he does not think MBA Shige to Zuo boss of himself, his Why would workers in the field, and Yiyang Pipe emotional and fanaticism? He rebellion unassuming, yes, he challenges the conventions, red track, blaming referees, but why he also repeated his fine article by David Stern understands and appreciates the increase? Maybe Mark Cuban is such a complex mystery, many years later he and his calf may succeed or may fail, but regardless of success or failure, "Maverick" Mark Cuban's intelligent, provocative, and sincere will be the NBA's history one does not fade in the landscape.
Fuzi thou Kau2010-04-01 11:21:33 +0000 #3
It was Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
3402753182010-04-01 11:44:27 +0000 #4
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.



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