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On the Rockets in exchange for Martin

keke0092010-04-03 07:11:18 +0000 #1
First of all I think that in exchange for Martin, What is it starting?

Martin, Trevor Ariza, SF Shane Battier rob and SG2 locations?

Black beans is definitely PG so the above 3 must have a happy.

Might as well play out to Hughes that he is willing to 6 people

Mading Gang trading to not let him unhappy, and Ariza is right or wrong, 1 feel now resumed, but Battier is defending the other main scorers for people is very important

we think SF and SG who is or who will come off the bench? To reason
everyone loves is too small2010-04-03 07:19:40 +0000 #2
This adjustment may be so up, and now this season because of Yao Ming is not so small cloth to promote the speed and scoring ability of individuals or necessary, with Martin is a non- the ball after the shot, do not need a lot of ball players, so although there is no defense, but the two after the games should start small before now Ariza's defensive skill and offensive efficiency point of view, he is more suitable when the first Six leaders or the second wave of attack, so in order not to destroy the nerve and self-confidence in the fans, he should choose for the time being the patient, lived to a certain energy in the future, the natural time to take over the mantle of Shane Battier and location of a future rocket defense vanguard, large front and it has not chosen, it should be mainly based on Scola, but Jeffries and Hill will need to take turns playing field assessment under the transitional period, perhaps to deliberately producing, playing time on the rocket will give the Greek Tours of some care, as long as the master of fouls, Hill will be enough opportunity and time to prove, after all, is to train as a potential unit, and can not be a rotation of a transaction value was not, and center now is definitely the sea Secretary to continue carrying, Anderson and Armstrong share!

Yao Ming came back the next and so on may be the main guard is known for offensive rhythm control and ease the lorry to play, he is Yao Ming prepared you for the Morey, Martin will not say, but Taylor may be a year of watching and the accumulation of course the training ground to become a good rotation of players, and the small front may Budinger still as Jones, but playing time may be because of Yao Ming's check-point and increased significantly, perhaps more than before the main force is not necessarily small, inside basically remain unchanged, New Horizons is no longer within the scope of discussion and consideration!

Hope my answer can help you!
Wlj4114367142010-04-03 07:34:21 +0000 #3
Where I have seen is that Trevor Ariza return to his familiar small forward, Shane Battier he Substitute
gq3314410632010-04-03 08:21:08 +0000 #4
upstairs positive solutions, sf is the iron bar, sg Martin, Shane Battier off the bench. Remaining unchanged, Hill should be able to get some playing time, and the rest look at the record. As you say they are unhappy, I think Shane Battier second line should not have much complaint, he was not the kind of care about these people, Battier should be playing the 6th person. Martin cut out the rocket, carrying on, the handsome men fought in Afghanistan, no stranger to Princeton, while he was shooting well, the Rockets need this kind of ran out of opportunities to catch the person on the cast, as Budinger playing pretty good, other than Martin in addition to injuries, are good.



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