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Basketball is not a change to the extraordinary to stay some distance?

Sunny ° piglet2010-04-03 11:11:23 +0000 #1
Is between the ball and the defense about how much distance should be launched only change to the extraordinary?

I sometimes have been copied from the ball. . .

There. For example, you have to dribble to his left hand, is not the body of some side effects may be better?

How have lower center of gravity? Just pure dribble lower transport it? How do I protect the ball there?

Do not just say the body bend down, bend hand down to protect the ball or the like, who does not know to do so = =

say something simple. Thank you. !
bloody Phoenix2010-04-03 11:19:21 +0000 #2
breakthrough in the basic principles of personal defense is the multi-purpose break, defender distance on your cast.

The defense is just the opposite principle, a good defensive shot close, breaking a good distance, suddenly cast are good, it was cattle.

There are dribbling skills you know Yvonne physical side of some, not to keep people away, is to keep a distance with the ball defender. To protect the body ball, too far away from you but affect the efficiency of your break

and you say, when the right hand dribble to the left hand side of some, I do not know. This technology should be cross-step extraordinary action. I have seen many a star cross-step extraordinary, not sideways's. Limit break sideways direction.

Still nursing hand ball movement, ball shipped less. Mainly on the protection of the ball, you say a

changing hands has been performing in front of others are not looking for dribbling the ball off ah

there is the frequency of operation faster, and that you did not say. Frequency Hurry up, grab a more difficult, another major, at any time convenient to do accelerated action in disguise

Finally, the reaction to be faster. Hit the ball more, and many have the reflex. Rob others, sometimes without feeling how through the brain, evading the action came out. Or must fight more

I know these a ...
huhulilidada2010-04-03 11:30:29 +0000 #3
.. easy - see how others against slightly. . I can be too close to far. . . Mainly controlled the ball a good look at your center of gravity the lower the better ... the ball well ---... Well - I never use protection. . Clinging to a variation of the ball on a layup -
Fox メ2010-04-03 11:30:58 +0000 #4
change to the Well. . First look at the speed of your displeasure. If you are unhappy, others you can easily keep up with the pace. Sometimes you say you own the ball was being copied by others, did not call you so many times in front of others shipped the ball Well.

Ball and the defense of people around them about from 60CM.

You have to dribble to the left hand side of the right hand a bit, I suggest you to learn the great changes to the AI. At that time I have to learn the great changes he made to the picture frame by frame to see it. If you want to learn

I'll tell you some tips to become larger when the shoulder range.

How do you say lower center of gravity, of course, is the same as you said, unless the Earth's gravity changed. .

The purpose of protecting the ball is to prevent people copying the ball, but under cross-protection can dribble the ball, again a quick change to the.

But I do not care awareness of the ball, I would want someone else to steal the ball I do, because, when he stole the ball I could put him before. .
Little Vitasoy2010-04-03 13:08:03 +0000 #5
center of gravity lower pay attention to the steps that you must lie open squat about protecting the ball dribbling to the hand sideways as the ball down with one hand in front of the body times obscured the ball
hyf11918122010-04-03 11:33:44 +0000 #6
ball does not care need to deliberately go to practice

as said by several people upstairs, when you copied the ball off him a bit, then the insurance can be blocked with his body guard in the NBA would be physically blocked position when the ball like Jidenashen

disguised from the sense of this to their own experience to moderate the proposed changes see more similar to a video Iverson had Sometimes people can not keep up with people but will be in effect for much of the defense of people feel like a monkey in front of him bouncing around da



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