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How to train well in dribble

W9706650892010-04-03 12:11:59 +0000 #1
I read the first two days of 165 in our class (waste class) what position are played, and Iverson's favorite is the same, but the technology not work, dribbling though will not be broken, but can not break layup Please also go past opponents (Iverson) master teach me! ! Thanks! !
Penny of Anangege2010-04-03 12:19:57 +0000 #2
I am a high school physical education teacher, is also a school basketball coach, is the way I usually bring a small team, and want to help you. Come on!

1) avoid the eyes watching. This is why you often lose the ball in the game or trying to protect the ball and lost a great opportunity for a breakthrough or passing reasons. Failure to do so will make you lose many opportunities to observe the track!

2) dribble is to provide fast, as low as possible. This allows you to complete in the shortest possible time action, and has a more subtle! 3) increases to as large as possible, but more can not be far away from your body. This may at first sight somewhat contradictory. How to make up for it? Depend on the pace of your flexible mobile! So you do not often feel extraordinary difficulties in fully mastering it will make you one step will solve the problem. But note that the beginner does not need to increase substantially, but be sure to keep the ball does not leave the body too far.

4) to keep the ball and the opponents have something (Oh, what do I say it). This is the most professional coaches to emphasize the point, this will make you keep a clean sheet. But the point is, sometimes to break through to a risky move, the ball slightly exposed, and the use of false movements and accelerate the extraordinary!

5) I think is the most overlooked, is that you have to step up efforts to force the luck! ! ! Also a beginner may find it difficult, and some people even think that this is not necessary to have. But this will make your movements more rapid, complete the action of higher quality! More importantly, his nature to help you exercise ball is great! He will make you quickly master the ball, which let you dribble instead of a more relaxed, but also to prevent opponents of the dig the ball!

6) the court is able to confuse opponents eyes, what skill to play up your eyes, you can practice under the "speculative"

want to emphasize that these are the basis of hard training. Not trapped in the people do not say! In addition, when you reach a certain level of the ball when necessary feint and dribble speed is your extraordinary weapon. But this is not sexual relations and the exercise ball. So, not to mention, but also hope that we can try to grasp the basketball court that will make you more comfortable!
Chengguangj2010-04-03 12:59:59 +0000 #3
remember. . Right hand will be playing basketball. . I'm eating right will not be left in the loss! It took a long time before fully mastering the. . I have only three days of this year, good break, practice is to buy two 25 dollar a ball, and then shipped it to bulge a corner! ! ! ! (Poor quality of the ball will be used for such a long time!) Then basically the basic skills of dribbling on OK, and, remember to right-hand together. A bad shot with one hand!



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