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Who 高手帮帮忙 ah? (About basketball)

freezing rain Lanxi2010-04-03 19:10:49 +0000 #1
My height is also 1.67, normally liked to play basketball. But the body did not speed, shooting pretty standard (no greater air defense of the case -), want to learn about how to improve speed, can make extraordinary times faster. Novice points do not thank a
Irish Coffee - Hin2010-04-03 19:15:32 +0000 #2
Oh, we two about the same height, but you younger than me, since there is "room for development." Despite being short, but I always have the opportunity to play ball, and, fortunately, most of the opportunity, I was starting (of course, limited to schools, the company's amateur competition).

I remember I used to, very hard to practice dribbling, although very boring, but I always kept the practice an action repeatedly, is an afternoon series - Gongzhuo a waist. I do not remember who said it: the "dribble, is short on the court life!" Look at Miyagi (saw him I fell in love with basketball), think about Kidd, who scored per game not high, but they are always the main force, because they dribble well organized capacity!

When your dribbling ability has improved, then the next step is to look at a high level of competition, pay attention to and imitation of those organizations guard the pass - what action, what time, the ball placement ... ...

There is, as sub-dwarf, so the pitch you need to pay more - you have to run harder the more gung-ho to defend! These all require physical as a guarantee, so what I want to say this, you should understand?

Finally, is your score, and that on the last bar. More appropriate contact in the long shot, it needs long time to accumulate!

By the way I score you a way: Although I am not high, but I bounce a good (and hard training), the other is my waist power of good, coupled with faster, so I often choose the basket, Although not often score, but can often play the role of anti-insider, or Tupofenqiu.

If you think like me, have to practice hard, agility, make your changes to become faster (changing hands plus change to the extraordinary is the most effective method), we must dare to face the big one (if the sight of They come to build a close on eye on anything not do it, brave close to them, from their underarms the ball into the basket plate, big jump, but not flexible). Finally, needed to train their free throws, or else, made a foul meaningful either (I was 10 in free throw to 7 above).

Finally, to maintain an unyielding heart good, hard, as I believe you will succeed!
Shuai Shuai help to help the disciple2010-04-03 19:43:04 +0000 #3
speed mainly depends on dribbling, speed

multi-skilled to practice it!
225000sh2010-04-03 20:14:04 +0000 #4
over obstacles bar, continuous dribbling, running more than usual, stands not only as back up.
Lv lip not horses mouth2010-04-03 19:25:03 +0000 #5
first full, then a bubble of urine. Natural Shenqingruyan! -
Greenlighter2010-04-03 21:22:04 +0000 #6
is important that the pace of the rhythm dribble, plus emergency stop, swerved and skilled. Do not rely on the absolute speed to extraordinary? Time difference, there must feint.



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