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Rockets really want to trade away Betty?

bksbawwj2010-04-04 00:10:08 +0000 #1
Previous transactions in the SINA to see the rocket go Betty, good heartache Oh, is it true
vegetable bun Bear2010-04-04 00:21:30 +0000 #2
Yes. . .

Beijing on Feb. 18, according to ESPN and Yahoo Sports reported that the U.S., the Houston Rockets finally on the transaction - Tracy McGrady and the Sacramento Kings have reached regarding the seven players involved in large-scale transactions, and they sent Tracy McGrady Carl - Carl and Joy - more than the West, in exchange for the king's Kevin - Martin, Sergio - Rodriguez, Hilton - Armstrong and Kenny - Thomas. The completion of this transaction marks the Tracy McGrady of the Rockets a complete end to the era, but in order to get good striker Martin, popular fan favorite Landry finally became a rocket to the king of the dowry.

In the United States, the headlines on Yahoo Sports, Tracy McGrady of the deal they said had been formally completed, two on the contents of each transaction to make sure. Had been spread with the New York Knicks and Houston are the Chicago Bulls in the deal negotiations, but this morning the king on the rocket deal with rumors began to spread, and eventually to lightning speed to become a reality, to this view, after all the trade rumors are like smoke, like Martin is the player the Rockets need most.

As a Union, one of the most outstanding striker, Martin was a serious injury problems in recent seasons has missed a lot of games in the season he also played for the king Zhi After only 21 games Zaichang all 36 minutes of playing time Lima Ding to be 20.3 points and 4.4 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.1 steals, but shot less than four percent. As the Tai Leike - Evans super rookie who joined this season, so the King and his hope to clear out a large contract positions overlap and Martin has been a long time, and the Rockets are back in a long time ago came up with Tracy McGrady Martin's rumored deal, but after both sides on the matter was denied. But the truth is so often found in a lie, an unexpected deal with the Rockets finally got their wish to be successful in the 27-year-old striker Mesozoic.

Along with Martin transaction to the three largest players in the name of the first three of the contract but also the most garbage Kenny - Thomas and the former was effective and Yao Ming in the Rockets held a teammate, the 32-year-old veteran this season for the King played in 28 games, averaging only played 12 minutes, 1.6 points and 3.3 rebounds in contrast to his annual salary was as high as 8.775 million U.S. dollars, joined Houston for him exclusively for a club to wait for his contract to of it. He is expected to be the remaining season as the Rockets backup power forward, of course, he and Landry expected to play as a key reserve role in the team is too inconsiderate some.

Rockets get another post player is a mediocrity Armstrong, aged 25 years 211 cm, he has played this season, New Orleans Hornets and Kings, a total of only 24 games played, averaging 12.3 minutes played of up to 2.5 points, 3.1 rebounds and shot just 37.1%.

As for the Rockets this transaction, another perimeter player is also the only foreign players in the transaction does have a fairly good efficiency Rodriguez, now 24 years old 191 cm tall and his campaign for the Kings this season, a 38 games were played only 13.6 minutes present the case to contribute 6.2 points and 3.2 assists and 0.8 steals while shooting as high as 46.6%, personal productivity is still not bad. And more importantly, Rodriguez's contract this season, only 180 million, and the end of the season after the contract expires.
Summer Industry Strong 1232010-04-04 00:46:05 +0000 #3
should be ah
liyiwen3332010-04-04 00:45:03 +0000 #4
look, and news on the say, and look to play him this season is to last for so long a better price
one elite 1232010-04-04 00:40:35 +0000 #5
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enemy enemy Wei 92010-04-04 01:25:08 +0000 #6
is a good thing ......

tell the truth, Xiao-Lan in the NBA that catching



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