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Basketball throw throw how to vote, to pressure bowl you?

Zh19931242010-04-04 00:11:31 +0000 #1
Some people say prop up like

Some people say that pressure bowl,,

in the end that ye make trouble for?
midnight drink2010-04-04 00:20:21 +0000 #2
normal circumstances should not pressure the wrist, you can not under normal circumstances, third line dumped it

What is the role pressing the wrist? Is to control the ball's arc, the ball will spin. Generally the best

dumped inside the inside as you are, efforts to control properly, but will make the force pressing the wrist too much, hit baskets out of

the most important thing is to shot speed, or defense came up on the fan Centers lost your ball, so cast the first secret is:

1, speed up the release speed (hit shots time difference)


3 efforts to master shots, arm straight, is dumped by the body inertia, and not with your fingers or arm force on

you can go look at Parker's dumped ( =% C5% C1% BF% CB% C5% D7% CD% B6 & ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 0 & fbl = 1024)
, of course, like Kobe Bryant lore, in the beyond the arc of the throw throw, you need to press the wrist, after all, distance and rely on pressure to control the curvature of the wrist.
KOBEMVP162010-04-04 00:50:46 +0000 #3
see more of Alstom's video.
Not happy they smile2010-04-04 00:22:11 +0000 #4
should not pressure the wrist, only to drag up. Because basketball is the act of shooting two, one elbow, one wrist pressure. The formal act of shooting is formed by the two movements. Elbow is responsible for the high ball, the ball is responsible for pressing the wrist Distance. Since you have chosen dumped on the inside that you have entered the face of anti-complement each other inside. So make sure the ball high, but do not cast too far, it should not need to pressure wrist
Xiao-night2010-04-04 01:39:29 +0000 #5
remember not to press all the fingers open wrist !!!!!!!




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