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NBA teams this year that are more likely to take the title

soul sound2010-04-04 01:12:00 +0000 #1

asuka0403222010-04-04 01:28:08 +0000 #2
ah Lakers - Bryant, broken fingers can still easily get 30-40 points - what many say it -
y5534311642010-04-04 01:34:15 +0000 #3
Grand Final will be the Cleveland Cavaliers VS Los Angeles Lakers. This is my projected to see it! Knight is strong,
arthur_ying2010-04-04 02:05:15 +0000 #4
Do not underestimate a champion's heart ....
wmglh0012010-04-04 02:30:52 +0000 #5
In addition to those on the current record would definitely not enter, and, rest everything is possible,
Monk Lin2010-04-04 01:40:12 +0000 #6
hard to tell. Celtic old steed. Magic generation, Knight Emperor man guards the pass, the Lakers guard hegemony is. To the playoffs when the defense is to fight, like that knight and the Celtics would be more dominant. Can only say that the finals this year, some good-looking. I am more optimistic about
Li Ma Shuo ┒2010-04-04 02:50:27 +0000 #7
NBA is a miracle in the place where, some only eighth, and finally also a championship, this year's war situation is very confusing, do not know who is on the league someday, and as within the sub- The Lakers just the first few days when the Union, let Cavaliers defeated the Cavaliers became the league, and then Los Angeles has the league, and now Cleveland has the league, short messy, unlike in previous years , the strength of the teams division Obviously, the Lakers this year, the state is very bad, very serious injuries to Bryant, his teammates did not help him a stand out, and I am more optimistic about Knight, although I am not a Knight fan, but this year Knight chance to win than the Lakers big
luvmei2010-04-04 02:19:49 +0000 #8
Although I do not Lakers fans, but still can not shake the position that the Lakers, Celtics Although four giant, but they were old, in the field of explosive power and strength, will eventually limit the playing time.
Xiaojunjie522010-04-04 03:54:15 +0000 #9

They should have the potential playoff sprint! Young! With Carter to join us!



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