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Players seeking NBA2008 latest patch (preferably including the latest big deal) Thank you! 124194902

remix_ly2010-04-04 04:10:49 +0000 #1

だ Tz ㊣ ╃ じ ★2010-04-04 04:25:37 +0000 #2
has been passed to you, and updated to 19 February. However, because of too many downloads, download non-QQ-mail may not come down if you can, you can re-QQ to me about your mail

Update: As Timbert more popular - not seen slower to catch, and the Wizards after the transaction players reach 16, I have to lay off Arenas (has been suspended for the entire season, in the free agent list (- patch has been tense production, we stay tuned ...) question/138000822.html? fr = im2

PS: I have already received warning people not to patch part of the defection Baidu, my patch is to update the LIVE player, not for you to copy the anti-me water! Thank you cooperation.

thank landlord's trust, has been sent to you, landlord pay attention to the investigation, installation methods have been described in each e-mail updates to 2

Patch 18 (updated content below) - 07.08,08 X General

(again over the next number if for download, or file date. can not be downloaded, please Baidu HI I stated: you have a question)

including the latest face patch and photo patch, player list, shoes, make up (Baidu HI in my room to see me cut the sample chart ---)

"NBA08 (07) issue of the utmost list (list updated to February 19, 2010 (February 6 Warriors solution Yuesibidi - Clexton, February 11th Dynasty Warriors termination ratio - Carl, 13 February Wizards, Mavericks heavy trading - Wizards: Stevenson, sea Wood, Butler, Dallas: Howard, Ross, Gooden, Singleton, February 17 Portland will be Outlaw, Blake sent to the Clippers in exchange for Marcus - Marcus Camby, the Clippers for the space vacated the players cut the Ridge - Davis, Feb. 18 Cleveland Wizards Los Angeles Clippers 5 Bucks and Bulls NPC transactions completed 2-for-1 deal, potatoes stay Celtics, Milicic and Patel charges Fall swap club, on February 19 Tracy McGrady went to New York, Martin came to the Rockets, Rand go King), updated until February 19 and face patch photo patch.

short, all of which have been included Trading you can come to me a little stubble

ps: If you have any patches for my comments or suggestions please to I am the way, help me to better improve the patch, thank you for your continued support, and if we find that some face missing, please tell me, help me a more complete patch

Note: my life patch warranty, and constantly update ..... so you may ask me: a lot of players like AI, rest assured that inside, and the latest photo or jersey landlord have trouble if that useful for me to confirm in the next Baidu

References: We do not believe the words are to Ranger net, HOOPCHINA, etc., we are not afraid of more

PS: do not believe, you will see my answer Records

simply have been included in all transactions which you can come to me a little stubble

http: / / fr = im2 landlord to see the reviews it com/question/138325840.html? fr = im2 focused recommend you read this, old customers come to the



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