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Boykins to CBA have team to do

kebi123aifusen2010-04-04 06:11:06 +0000 #1

malegeby2010-04-04 06:17:05 +0000 #2
he is very powerful
Thunder Eagle2010-04-04 06:49:24 +0000 #3
"on his performance I'm not surprised. Every time he made such a thing, I would said he, this tall guy, the guy has this ability, he just has the same determination in the heart of a lion. have as big of heart, have the ability as well, will wholeheartedly into the game, he got what he deserved things 。"--- Kenyon Martin,

"his hand was injured, and our hearts are hurt. he do something today, we all have to try to help him in tomorrow to do 。"--- Jeff Bzdelik

"He has been the completion of this great game. We are creating opportunities for him, and his reward is to score. in his hometown, he could do anything 。"--- Andre Miller
" tonight I do not see to any forward steps to block his guy. the second half he completely dominated the game, he really do anything 。"--- George Karl

"from him, we get ahead of energy. What a respectable guy! "--- Carmelo Anthony

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--- Boykins 2004-2005 Season is the peak of his career. Nov. 11 road game against the defending champion Pistons, his fingers were injured in the first quarter where the audience scored career high 32 points, becoming the shortest height of the single-game players are 30 + points. January 18 game with the Sonics, the conventional time received only 3 points in overtime in the wild Boykins take 15 minutes to create NBA history, scoring overtime. This season, he's playing time at 26.4 minutes to get 12.4 points and 4.6 assists in the season's Sixth Man Award won third place.

--- Boykins is the history of Eastern Michigan University on the 2nd leading scorer (2211 points), only the former NBA player Kennedy McIntosh in the 2219 points.

--- In the Nuggets in the first two seasons, Boykins took part in all the playoffs, every game scored in double figures.

--- 2004 season in the All-Star Game Skills Competition Boykins finished second only to lose to Steve Nash.

--- 22 years of age represent the United States national team participated in the 1997 University Games, held in Italy, averaging 15.7 points, leading the team won the gold medal, was named the year's best basketball players nationwide.

--- The weight of his bench press a staggering 315 lbs.

--- He has a 5-year-old son, Little Earl.

Everyone knows the advantages of smaller players is superior lightning speed and flexibility. And 1 meter 65 Boykins, precisely the combination of these two advantages. After his teammates after the cover, as long as Boykins comfortably take the first step, then your inside, the muscles are a big man who should have family on dry hard. Boykins has a unique sense of, big man up blocks, he will select the flash from your waist, so you turned around, he has used the ball dropped into a skilled projectile. Big man fear his speed and distance chosen, he would not hesitate to complete the attack with a trip jumper.

Boykins also a good shooting touch, he has in the league in free throw percentage of the top 10. If you foul him, the effect is equivalent to give away his two points.

Advantages? Still more. He is a pure clutch player, fearless style of play so that he can always get the trust of coaches, in the fourth quarter or overtime to his control attack. Earl at January 18, 2005 game with the Sonics overcame 15 points in overtime, to create NBA history, scoring overtime. He also hit many memorable game-winner, has been loved by fans and teammates. The agility and flexibility also gave him more and more steals camera, then the fast break is a nightmare for opponents, his opponents on where to catch lightning speed?

Boykins of these advantages, when in his absence even more conspicuous. This year he has missed regular paragraph after the game, Nuggets lost the number one fast break after expert, George Karl coaches expect him to return as soon as the eagerness of the.
Know-Encyclopedia Expert2010-04-04 06:44:26 +0000 #4
organization can have the speed to be CBA NBA who do not



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