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I am 15 years old 189, looks can be like playing basketball, how to make me more handsome?

Love you a million years XT2010-04-04 08:11:37 +0000 #1

Dragons ♂ never give up2010-04-04 08:22:31 +0000 #2
Wr_caj2010-04-04 08:38:13 +0000 #3
this high altitude, such a good advantage, but also love sports, you can put Michael Jordan as your idol, you can learn with him more handsome.
07401931072010-04-04 08:35:27 +0000 #4
how could the idea Yes, handsome and likes to play basketball, though?

Or do you want to contact your basketball skills more handsome, if so, running, horse leapfrog, to do the exercises should adhere to, but leapfrog to grasp the degree
GM Fist2010-04-04 08:59:34 +0000 #5
New Year's, people said I thought things into, so, quickly posted on the chest a "handsome" it, you'll handsome!
Wujiayuan52010-04-04 09:44:28 +0000 #6

only do your own
yzzq0012010-04-04 08:40:57 +0000 #7
Why should I handsome? Who love you?

Places, in the wearing down something about '
there is the spirit of punctuality, have personality ...
ice cream Jun2010-04-04 09:01:01 +0000 #8
cosmetic ..
qphcc2010-04-04 12:19:37 +0000 #9
to do their own success. NBA Development

You ready to do. Let the ball hit you good.

Appearance is determined by God, why change it.
11040661752010-04-04 10:27:20 +0000 #10
Do not think that as long as the "face" effort spared, they will regain a white Qiaolian. Beautiful and always from the inside, the food chain is also the white part must not be missing. Vitamin C, protein and minerals, vitamin A are high-quality source of nutrition for skin whitening. Therefore, consumption of fruits and vegetables containing these ingredients, it is best to eat raw mainly, if not eaten raw, on the way to eat soup. In addition, rich in vitamins A can of food to cook with oil, so more conducive to absorb.

Lemon: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, is the beauty industry as a whitening skin care products make an important component, especially in the summer launch of whitening skin care products, lemon is One essential characters, we can see that it does have a unique skin whitening. In addition to the rich vitamin C, the lemon also contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and PP, not only have whitening effect on the skin has been formed also play down the role of melanin. PP components have strong convergence and antibacterial activity. morning, drink a glass of lemonade, which can be toxic substances from the body, there are also a natural skin whitening effect, help to eliminate facial freckles.

Vinegar: Add 250 grams of soybean in the vinegar, dip 15 in the future, the daily consumption of 10 can reduce the appearance of skin melanin.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin C can reduce melanin, the skin to keep white.

Tremella: not only make the skin become white, but also to help rid their bodies of toxins, and more food is harmless.

Star is not only a leader in fashion, it is skin care expert-level celebrities. listen to what they to cope with their problems the skin whitening is not to inspire you?


Although born fair-skinned, but even the best intentions of skin care also.

"I generally do not beauty salons, skin care is only yourself. I like to use fruit skin, such as lemon can make the skin becomes clean and white. If the fruit, honey, egg white mask modulation of pigment in adding some diluted herbal juice, lighten the skin, it will be better! "

Qu Ying No matter what type of skin whitening first to hook Lu frame?

"In the spring and summer, I like to use Borghese Jaap de Hoop Scheffer mud mask, so that can not only add moisture, but also alleviate the phenomenon of after-sun skin pigmentation, so that my skin white and transparent. "

White Zhou Xun Do not be sloppy!

to maintain white skin, they have to do the work of the four seasons sun." not only in the summer, just after a day of sun, I will surface covered with ice at home, calm and nourish one time. Also, I think more than make-up remover to be important, and this is a good skin clean and transparent way. "


Vitamin C and Vitamin E is a good whitening helper.
, "because I grew up in the South, I love soup, so I'll have some free time to burn one on a beauty soup to reward themselves. Introduction of a whitening of my favorite white fungus soup now! often drink this soup, not only make you white, but Bailitouhong it! "
Material: Sydney 2, Tremella 3-4, jujube 5, crystal sugar

Method: Sydney peeled, nuclear, water, fat stalks Tremella , dates to the nuclear, water stew two hours.


In addition to water, moisture lock moisture, Bai Zhi are most concerned about is the whitening and sunscreen. "In fact, sunscreen, whitening and moisturizing of any season should be noted, Even in winter can not effect, outdoor activities, the face of the computer, should smear whitening sunscreen. "Bai Zhi that as early early, eat more foods containing vitamin C are good for skin whitening a good way.

Xu Jinglei is required meticulous skin care of!

"As a boy, my skin than black, probably because of growing up more attention to care reasons, actually white. In the summer, I do not like to use sunscreen, that very oily. But in order to prevent skin darkening, I will Cream instead of sunscreen, the effect is also very good. If the fear of tan, just after the sun with a piece of stained Toner, Apply an half an hour, you can alleviate skin damage by not often black Oh! "

Pearl homemade moisturizing whitening method

1, and the pearl powder honey mixture, a spoonful every morning with warm water and mix thoroughly accessible, fasting drink. will not only remove toxins from the body, long-term drinking can also moisturizes skin whitening.

2 night skin cream to use when transferred together with a small amount of pearl powder coated, can adjust the skin oil secretion, and there are effective whitening effect, which is the preferred destination for stars Yufei Hong whitening tips.

3 vinegar to use to produce their own pearls. the pearl powder poured into the organic apple cider vinegar or organic raspberry vinegar, the pearl powder to be melted, add half a glass of warm water each time access to a small, transfer into the honey. This anti-aging effect of pearl vinegar skin beauty better.
*************** *

Daisy - skin whitening tips

This little-known white flower has a remarkable effect. daisy chrysanthemum plants belong, contains a wealth of essential oils, Ju pigment, used in skin care being able to inhibit skin melanin production, soften skin cells, to achieve a good whitening effect, conform to today's beauty industry can not replace the white trend, daisies, whitening products are becoming one of the main ingredients.

Suitable for: pigmentation, color dull skin. sensitive, erythema, dry, eczema, molting, scarring and other skin has more significant effect.

---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

1 external conditioning articles, mung bean Mask

, talc, Angelica, white Fuzi into powder surface covered every night make-up water, mix with water or go-spreading face, dry wash. treatment about 14 days. After treatment every day of.

2, 5 white cream

Baiji 2 money, Angelica 2 money, The modulation of a money and a half white, white Fuzi money, money and a half of a white lilac , litharge a penny. on drug research and go-between were, with one quarter of protein transferred into a thin paste mixing, daily face wash with warm water before bedtime, and then apply this paste to the face layer of thin, dry, etc. After the wash, the effect is pretty good.


Nardostachy chinensis Batal four whitening cream money, hawthorn five money one or two white silkworm, ebony meat five money, saponins on January 2, five duckweed Spirodela money, Hong Angelica Five money, money litharge 5. research very go-between, every night in order to apply face protein transfer, the next morning with warm water wipe.

4 Mask

Tremella Tremella (fungus), Astragalus, Angelica, Jade The 50 grams of bamboo, a total go-research, medicine from the end of five grams per night, adjusting the protein or tune into a paste surface covered with water, such as dry wash. Silver Flower, Angelica, Polygonatum can nourish the skin, Poria It can remove surface plaque, whitening.


flat wound membrane skullcap, Phellodendron, Coptis money each two boiled tea-like liquid, surface covered with flour into a paste, or mix well with the protein after the spreading face. twice a week every 20 minutes. this side for the face single sitting, acne and those who face Anhei.

6, in addition to the above medical mask, you can also use fresh fruits and vegetables at home to do mask, this is not only convenient, less side effects and not afraid of other unknown mercury or other chemicals.

will loofah gourd juice Mask Wash, scrape the waxy skin, the juice filter, add flour and spreading face, dry wash . Luffa contains many vitamins, there is a strong bleaching effect of long-term use in a variety of skin or pigmentation of skin, Er Shi delicate white skin.

the general market, lemon juice mask used this mask, although it contains rich in vitamin C, bleaching was better, but because of strong acidity, must pay attention when using diluted twice with water deposited together with flour, and the first spreads in the skin inside the elbow Department, such as 15 minutes after No other red or Qi Zhen neutrons re-used for the face.

Autumn White

In addition to the secret of life over outside of the treatment and conditioning and should minimize sun exposure, even if the cloudy days should also pay attention to sun protection in this respect because UV will unknowingly hurt your skin.

can eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, lemon, guava, oranges, hawthorn, fresh green leafy vegetables, etc.. heat is to promote the formation of melanin The most important factor, so sensitive and strong foods, such as parsley, carrots, celery, etc. eat less.

use of cosmetics and fragrance-free cream and remover must be thoroughly cleaned. the other with the use of facial massage, to activate the skin to reduce pigmentation. to maintain emotional stability, normal lifestyle, sleep should be sufficient, do not often get angry, do not smoke, do not stay up late, are all ways to keep the skin white.

If you want a good spot eradication of pigmentation and , when necessary, with drug treatment, can also choose acupuncture, moderate diet and traditional Chinese medicine to improve and eventually need to be patient and a doctor with them to quickly restore their skin white skin, like Snow White's beauty emerged from the womb!

* ****************

1. go to the supermarket and buy a few lemons. (Oh, that we all know, when is the nonsense okay.)

2. cut half a lemon not too much Oh, otherwise wasted, juice, into the mask of paper, then apply the face mask of paper, such as dried and can be removed Rights.

Note: This mask can only be done at night, can not Well done during the day because of light lemon in the day if the event would work more easily tan Oh.

I'll tell you some home-made whitening mask, super-good effect , quickly try!

1. the vinegar and salt dissolved in water, the ratio is about water: vinegar: salt = 9:3:1, with a good mixture of the towel wet transfer, wiping his face, morning and evening , (if you want to rub a one or two more are no problem), something worked well Oh, and bear fruit soon, white skin, acne will be gone.

2. deep fry with strawberry sauce, put the egg white. wipe once every 2-3 days to 3. After the deployment of water and honey added pearl powder, so used a few times, the face is white and soft! 4. The easiest most convenient and least expensive, but very very very effective whitening methods ( experience) will be banana-inflicted paste (must be the banana, plantain can not be replaced), and then into the whole milk, then add a small amount of water. these things is probably the ratio of 2:5:1 and then wiped his face, and then Gently pat face and what not to do the final wash ... .20 minutes later you find what ????!!! is not white in a circle?

■ home whitening method

1 Citrus medica 9 had White material: 120 grams fresh. dry 60 grams. water, adequate

practice: Citrus medica have been water boiling cup of tea, drink

2 informal capacity melon seeds white. Materials: wax gourd seeds 5 grams, 6 grams of orange peel , Peach Blossom 12 grams, flour

way: The mixture of milled material as go-between, after dinner transfer services with rice soup, 1, 3 times, even serving a few months, the face can become white and tender and smooth

3 tomatoes whitening material: Tomato 1

Method: Mash the tomatoes, juice filter applied to the face, wash after 20 minutes, several times a day, make skin white, but also to rid of freckles.

4 a watermelon seed kernel whitening materials: watermelon seed kernel 50 grams, 200 grams of osmanthus, orange peel 100 grams

practice: The mixed material ground into go-between, taking a meal with rice soup, 3 times a day, every spoonful, a month later began taking white.

5 potato White material: potato 1 \ \ 3, amount of flour or milk powder

Method: Peel the potatoes, ground pounded into a paste, filtered water, was transferred to superior flour, as a mask painted in the face with water after 25 minutes wash away. melanin on the skin may have a bleaching effect, in particular, is very effective to eliminate dark circles, if the effect of adding Shanghao get more milk.

6 pears or apples whitening material: pears or apples a flour

practice: the pear or apple mash, transferred to flour, mix well surface covered, contribute to the delicate facial skin.

7 Cabbage White Material: fresh cabbage appropriate

practice: cabbage cut sheet, affixed to the face, have to function of the skin turn black and white.

8 egg white material: one egg, flour, cucumber juice amount

methods: adding a little flour and egg white cucumber juice, tune into a paste, spread on his face every night, half an hour wash, make skin smooth and delicate.

9 milk whitening material: milk amount of

way: milk can make the skin white and tender,Gauze immersed in milk, after the wet surface covered, half an hour later wash away with water once a day. Erythema over the skin was dried, can be dried milk Tucha site, then lemon surface covered, spots become smaller after one week , then smashed the cucumber and the right amount of honey added arrowroot, Tucha several times, lessons to eliminate spots.

in the spring and summer, wash with hot water and, instead, fall and winter wash with cold water, the effect is obvious, and feel the skin improved a lot than before, where a trace of reddish white, even tried the effect is obvious
******* **************

whitening tips to cucumber mashed, add some honey, dip wipe his face, persevere, the skin will become fair and clear.
***** *************

the most safe and effective method of whitening

white nuts, so that the skin is more charming

white kernel of sweet, bitter, astringent, dry, white acid inhibited in vitro Some skin fungus, head, face and hand, foot and it can cure a variety of external obstruction capacitive skin, and can delay skin aging, to prevent rough skin.

Beauty Benefits: the white nuts Daocheng slurry applied to the face can make skin soft and smooth , white charming.

White Su Meirong, different feeling

White Su Meirong in the beauty who caused the reaction, sufficient to show that the perilla charm. the fresh white Suye rub on the arm to go tumors even more amazing is that: it can be embarrassing body odor gone.

Beauty Benefits: dry, wrinkled, sallow skin, particularly suitable for white Sumei Rong, flexibility and white skin is a long white perilla who brought the Gospel.

Angelica, as the moisture to the skin of water

Angelica shiang color white, one of the ancient Chinese beauty, the market for its raw materials of cosmetics and beauty after another, and "the original flavor of "The Angelica, whose beauty is more effective: Angelica Decoction on in vitro inhibition of various pathogenic bacteria have a certain, and may improve microcirculation, promote skin metabolism, delay skin aging.

Beauty Benefits: soft skin smooth, moist, nourishing the face of the water showed the same aura.

Tribulus terrestris, to your baby's skin

Tribulus terrestris, also known as Tribulus terrestris L., containing various alkaloids and glycosides, have lower blood pressure, blood fat and other effects, which peroxide decomposition enzyme contained, with obvious anti-aging effects.

Beauty Benefits: Jiufu can remove scar face and soft skin lubrication.

White RB, smoother skin

Bletilla rich in starch, glucose, essential oil, sticky substance such as, turpentine can remove his face like acne under the traces, so that the skin smooth and no trace.

Beauty Benefits: moisturize the skin, leaving skin smooth as jade.
******* ***************

on healthy whitening method 12 to 1, if not to avoid the summer 10 am - 2 pm to go out, because of the day, this time of the sun the strongest, most powerful ultraviolet light, the greatest damage to the skin.

2, going as far as possible wear hats, parasols, sun glasses, wear long-sleeved underwear to protect the skin.

3, each second sunny day out, the sunscreen should be painted, and should wipe once every 2-3 hours. and swimming should also be coated sunscreen, and water and also use high SPF sunscreen.

4, as long as engaged in outdoor activities, no matter to what extent the sun, home should first take a bath, and massage gently wipe the body the way, first with warm water, then cold water shower, and slippery with some baby lotion.

5, After exposure, if conditions are available to iced towel wrapped ice burn skin redness was to slow the local heat, and minimize the use of grasping, otherwise the production will be increased after-sun spots.

6, after-sun can be obtained users in fresh aloe, scraped off the middle of the material deposited in the skin of aloe, a calm and whitening effect.

7, hand rubbed sunscreen when going out also revealed, while the arms, legs, knees should also be painted nude sun exposed products, both to reduce sun spots and can, especially after the early middle-aged generation "age spots."

8, water is sacred beauty in the morning fasting should drink cool white open early, as in the water plus lemon slices, the beauty is more effective. 30 minutes before going to bed at night also asked to drink a glass of water, so that cells absorb, can prevent wrinkle formation.

9, eat more cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, etc., because they contain a large number of VC , can effectively help melanin reduction, Xie Zhu whitening, enhance immunity.

10, enough sleep, effectively alleviate the pressure and more music is 美白 good helper.

11, less smoking, drink less irritating Yin Liao, to sleep to help keep skin soft Guangrun.

12, far away from artificial additives, eat less fried food, caution hormones and contraceptives, which will directly lead to formation of pigmented and freckles.

different seasons of home whitening freckle care


spring, the body metabolism to accelerate the skin through the winter of rest, reduced ability to resist UV, although the warm spring sun, but UV radiation can still cause photosensitive skin reactions and phototoxic reactions in damages. can black skin changes or induce increased pigmentation spots.

care focus:

Clean: As the strong secretion of sebum, the skin easily adsorbed to the surrounding environment in a variety of microorganisms, dust and so on. in the spring to keep the skin clean is very important. in the use cleansing milk, must be clean, to prevent pore blockage, at any time to keep pores clear, full implementation of the massage, surface covered, suck pigment deposition.

Sun: try to avoid the sun and the refracted light. Although the genial sunshine of spring, but UV damage to the skin still exists, so sunscreen is essential in this season's.


summer, more than human sweat secretion and sweat in the salt discharged sebum, shed senescent cells and in vivo emission of metabolic product, if not promptly removed, will accumulate in the skin surface, affecting metabolism, the formation of dark spots. Meanwhile, the summer increase in the number of people taking a shower, too much washing will cause the skin's own moisture loss, this time the skin's PH value is easy to lose balance and easy to make color black, pigmented spots better.

care focus:

sun: a half-hour earlier in front of sunscreen, so that it will penetrate into the skin surface or in the make-up 15 minutes prior to painting. sweating will The coating of sunscreen away, sun block should be kept up paint. sunscreen composition containing ethanol will stimulate the skin, the sunscreen composition containing ethanol should be avoided. go out as much as possible to bring some UV protection umbrella, hat, sunglasses and so on.

Sleep: summer day short night, often for various reasons affect people sleep time, irregular life will add more spots. particularly 22:00 to 2:00, the maximum period of skin cell metabolism, hormone metabolism is also the most productive period of time, Only when we need rest and sleep can ensure the skin in good condition, try to ensure that 8 hours sleep.

make amends: yin and kidney, soothing liver qi, and in blood, can choose to support Yan oral solution, while accompanied by vitamin C;


dry autumn, a relatively high degree of ultraviolet radiation through the skin damage still exists. skin sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion function of less than the summer, skin will be dry , rough and easy to allergies.

care focus:

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is still important in the fall. should avoid prolonged sunlight. they go out, still need sunscreen.

moisturizing: the fall of dry skin should choose skin care products containing high fat. choose their own skin cleansing cream clean skin and massage accompanied by moderate. more thoroughly to remove skin, dirt, soft skin, promote skin metabolism.

Qin Exfoliating: Autumn temperatures reduced, make the skin's metabolism slow down, hence the thickening of the stratum corneum. Despite the horn of this is to protect the skin from the damage, but too thick cuticle, would greatly weaken the skin's permeability, and weaken the skin of the cured the absorption of active ingredients patch products.

winter cold and windy in winter, air drying, the temperature minimum, subjected to a strong cold skin stimulation, vasoconstriction, skin becomes dry and easy to peel, more prone to stains.

Nursing focus:

depth moisturizing: both should choose gentle moisturizing ingredients, oils and fats are more water-oil skin care products, such as cold cream, balm and creams so. wash your face with warm water or steam spray, can promote blood circulation and enhance skin metabolism.

Sun: In the winter, we can not ignore the ultraviolet light, so choose to use the results and also be able to absorb ultraviolet radiation UVA, UVB sun protection sunscreen and attention is necessary.

daily whitening beauty cream Maintenance

● whitening conditioning, clean complete skin, whitening ingredients containing moisture conditioning, can reduce the transfer of melanin and inhibits the formation of melanin, usually can be used as a make-up water, as if to a cotton pad dampened with a can whitening mask, whitening moisturizer to enhance care. long-term use moisturizing whitening conditioning products can improve skin moisture, skin in the whitening, but also a sense of more transparent skin, and fat balance in the water, the more likely to absorption of skin care products.

● want to white faster, whitening essence fluid must not be missing. Serum is used after the make-up water, most contain vitamin C, kojic acid, vitamin B3 and other components, not only can whiten, repair, You can also nourish the skin, if selected for the skin on the essence of fluid, usually in 4-8 weeks, you can see the whitening effect.

● Use Cream. the day will inevitably come into contact with the sun and produce dirty air spot , and computer radiation, may wish to use the Cream, skin away from these killers, the proposed options build sunscreen, moisturizing, whitening, isolation of Cream.

● use the mask. to spreading face whitening mask (1-2 per week times). select type peel off or wash-type Jieke, all the shops open shelf beauty products sold there are all kinds of whitening mask, and even to anti-bacterial made of cotton, for self-modulation of surface covered prescription DlY mask, are excellent choices.

● Use the best white female time - follicular phase. female reproductive cycle of skin whitening effect of the existence of a prime-time high. ovulating female body secretes luteinizing hormone , skin rash often occurs, melanoma and other active phenomena, in this period is difficult to use whitening products the desired result. but from the beginning to the next pass through between the follicular phase of ovulation, the skin condition is better, in this period there destination, skin care, whitening beauty cream would be better

exhausted me .............. check a lot of books
liuboyabear2010-04-04 09:26:40 +0000 #11
Nerishige six abdominal muscles on become! ! !

Warm-up training (1-3 weeks) to 1. Contravention of knee volume

training body parts: warm-up action, burning abdominal fat

stand up straight and come forward, choose you can raise [de] the heaviest dumbbell with both hands to grip , bent upward at about 60-90 degrees, movement, left and right legs cross up to hard drive upper abdomen closer to the knee, then slowly come back.

Sports Views: repeated, until the body up a lot of sweat.

Tip: arm inward compression, do not shake around.

2. Ball sit-ups

Training site: epigastric

body lying on the ball, hips sit on the sphere [de] 1 / 3 Office, open and feet shoulder width, knees slightly curved, placed his hands head, the breath, upper abdominal tightening drive up, inhale, slowly falling back.

Training Programme: 8-12 times with a group to do a total of 3 sets, resting 60 seconds between each group.

Tip: lumbar spine, and those who have problems, not too much elevation angle, so as to avoid strain.

Compound training (4-6 weeks) to 1. Under oblique sit-ups

Training site: epigastric

sitting under the oblique angle of 45 degrees or more [de] inclined board, feet in the roll to ensure it under the light After the first light will be placed both hands slowly back to lie down Do not let the shoulder and under the ramp have the slightest touch, and then, abdominal contraction force, so that upper body elevation as far as possible, to reach the highest point of abdominal muscle contraction force and control, Pause, then the abdominal muscles [de] tension control and reduction.

Training Programme: 5 times as a group, a total of 3 sets, resting 60 seconds between each group.

Tip: Do not leveraging their feet, but should concentrate on the abdominal muscles.

2. Supine leg raise

Training site:

body lying on the ground the lower abdomen, hands flat at your sides, for the stability of the body, feet, knees about 90 degrees to the merger. Movement, force up the lower abdomen hips, knees as close as possible to the chest, then slowly return to starting point.

Training Programme: The next move (SS for) synthesized a compound action. Repeat 15-20 times the two movements.

Tip: the mandibular micro-collection, movement difficulty become larger. 3. SS for

Training site: compound action, training, upper abdomen and lower abdomen

body lying on the pedal, put his hands on the buttocks back, legs straight merger. Movement, abdominal force your feet, knees slightly bent can not be completely straight, this time into the body about 75 degrees, then slowly down.

Training times :15-20, rest 60 seconds and repeat two compound action.

Tip: Action in the heel has not touched ground, the legs should be vacated.

Intensive training (7-9 weeks) to 1. Standing belly

training position paper: compound action, training, upper abdomen and lower abdomen

feet close together, chest abdomen, arms back firmly grasp the two elastic ropes,Mandibular micro-income, knee slightly curved. Exercise, abdominal pressure, first downward bend lead to the most distant, and then slowly to the abdomen, back, back together.

Training Programme: Repeat 15-20 times, the middle does not rest.

Tip: Do not move hand movement, thanks to the abdominal muscles [de] power to pull the shoulder, back and head.

2. Arm side of the dip

Training site: abdominal oblique muscle and

you can raise [de] the heaviest dumbbells, chest abdomen, legs micro-open, shoulder width, arm grip dumbbell, the other an arm on your head, movement by abdominal oblique muscle [de] forces to bring the head moving down, dumbbell moves down. Pause for the other side of.

Training Programme: Repeat 10 times, the middle does not rest.

Tip: Do not pull dumbbell hand, head and do not swing, relying on the abdominal oblique muscle force. 3. Hanging Filing belly

training site: compound action, training, upper abdomen and lower abdomen

Hold barbell with both hands, body vertical open, legs from the knees to about 90 degrees, feet back cross, movement, abdominal hard drive legs upward, knees as close as possible to the abdomen, then slowly return to starting point, feet do not touch ground.

Training Programme 6-8 as a set, rest 90 seconds, repeat 3 group action.

Tip: legs bent [de] the greater the angle the more difficult movements.

9 weeks trained to sexy abs
owenshanghai2010-04-04 12:58:37 +0000 #12
play street ball,, slowly training, and look forward to
Sunny_Sincere2010-04-04 14:14:15 +0000 #13
daily mirror, look in

and more the commander of the
GO Oh yE2010-04-04 14:13:42 +0000 #14
go to beauty salons ah! Certainly makes you handsome! ! ! !



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