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Stability of basketball shooting

Ggews242010-04-04 22:10:46 +0000 #1
shooting just go to practice today, when the shooting is not very high, probably over half an hour, field goal percentage in the high-up, about 5-10 look, but after an and a half hours later, how do I vote are not into the, into 12 of 10 approximation, often distorted force cast control on it, how does this matter? There are shots in the air force is to jump high jumper high jumper or direct?
post to2010-04-04 22:14:02 +0000 #2
I think that shooting an accurate measure of strength is also a key factor. I usually have when you play a similar experience, beginning a vote of no progress is normal, because no activities beginning to open the body there may be a period of time not to fight what strange reason, often playing for a while it will get better is the warm-up activities. You will find that if you play every time and others before their own basket in the game for half an hour to vote ah when you multi-standard (personal experience).

And then you talked a half hour into the vote is not as physical as you drop, drop shot power, shot stability declined.

As always the first there are two reasons for the distorted one is not correct shooting position 2 is the power shortage problem

the first position on the shoot, this is not that weird position must vote no goals, NBA, after all, people have weird shooting positions Many, but relatively standard shooting position right in the game, then the confrontation with others more easily control the better jumper. The power means not only the strength of hands and feet, but to the power of the body such as waist, etc. If you are playing with others which do not say, full of physical confrontation, if the power shortage in the shot a little when people touch you what you on the fly, talk of shooting. If it is usually shot himself near the basket you will feel from the cast of the long shot from the no-standard (generally speaking) This is the power problem, because from the basket near your body strong enough to make a smooth completion of your act of shooting, shooting naturally high

and far away from your body after the power will gradually become less, this will lead to distortion of your shooting action shooting declined.

A correct posture is the first shot was an edge through the pedal surface, and then it shares power conveyed through the body from feet to your hands, by the hand to complete the act of shooting, if your body muscles strong enough, not good delivery This forces your body will be twisted off, I have this experience within the better in the third line, shooting beyond the arc when the body is often crooked, good luck to enter one.

As to the shooting in the air force to jump high jumper high jumper, or directly, this is vary, if you do not consider a person's habit, then the latter is generally a good point. Because you say the two are cast in shooting jumpers and jump the concept of a jumper on the strength of body requires a smaller, higher stability is a natural (though I used to jump shot, the hit rate is high jumper).

I do not know how old you are, if you are still young in the long body, because your body strength and even the shooting and so forth have not been fixed, so shooting instability is normal to the strength of your body long mature, through constant practice will naturally increase hit rate and stabilized.
Yu Zhi Bo surgery2010-04-04 22:17:58 +0000 #3
good practice, perseverance. Refueling.
Q16322010-04-04 22:21:41 +0000 #4
best stayed in the air that was sealed after the shooting chances and are less subject to disturbance but the fact that no cases directly hit a jumper at the highest rate of height advantage if there is a direct shot after jump shot has not stayed in the air



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