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NBA Rockets three transactions.

12366272010-04-05 00:11:59 +0000 #1
Houston tripartite deal in the end this is win or lose it? Explain.
gzx086319912010-04-05 00:22:48 +0000 #2
Rockets earned - and now the future of both

and if the Knicks trade rumors had to abandon the future to win now, and the king's deal is to win the immediate combat, then the current transaction can be said that this tripartite both ways.

Speaking of fighting, Martin may be active players in the NBA's most underrated a good shooting guard. Simply cite a few figures speak for themselves: in the last two years, Martin has always retaining its position as the top 10 scoring list, and in all who have been squeezed into the top 10 scoring list star in Martin in the past two years 60% higher than the actual hit (hitting number + free throw attempts / number of attempts), averaging three-point accuracy over 40%, averaging more than nine free throws. More importantly, Martin both play in Adelman's experience is that the ball does not require a large number of fixed-point killer, next season, and Yao Ming can be successfully formed powerful domestic and foreign portfolio.

Speaking of the future, the Rockets only got Qiaodanxier the No. 8 pick this year, also won the New York Knicks 2 protection can be neglected in the first-round draft pick. Do not forget, there are four grades of Armstrong, the center height of 2 meters 11 has good potential, and Qiaodanxier just like always get the chance to play. Today, no one came inside the rocket, you really should test the strength of the time.

And get all this at what price? In addition to the team already and break the Medina, is not playing multi-West, only one of the available material to Landry.

This summer still can, of course, the best addition to losing the first 6 Landry, the Rockets generous there is another side effect: that is, in the summer, they left both the Cook and Armstrong were added up to 600 million less than the contract expires. But clearly, Murray does not like to be the free market NPC bystander. After completion of the transaction, Morey will clear the focus of the work this summer: and Scola, Lori renewal, and by way of a sign looking for big players.

Morey makes sense that the natural self-confidence, look to the time the rocket chip it: a lot of first-round draft pick, to Brooks, Luis Scola, represented by a large number of quality contracts, and more than 15 million of maturity contract (not including Yao Ming). These chips can not be enough to impress any one big contract and the team do not want to team with others sent in vain. In yesterday's last-minute deadline, the Rockets also almost get a little here, only because it refuses to cancel the examination failed. But the light of the rocket's offer - Scola + Battier + Cook + draft picks, one can imagine, to this summer, once the deal is entirely possible to achieve. But by that time, Cook transferred to the contract expiration Scola's new contract the way.
Аnɡēí Lei2010-04-05 00:31:59 +0000 #3
I think it should be made a

Little Martin ugly and defensive posture in addition to shooting worse. .

Offensive efficiency and fouls the league that one of the best quasi-3P

also be quasi-ah

The All-Star level of life lost Landry role players is not considered too bad it
nbfhxhf2010-04-05 00:58:14 +0000 #4
I think that the small profit that Martin is certainly Bi Maidi good, needless to say, results from the stadium and salaries are Bi Maidi good, unfortunately Landry, but the whole made a profit -



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