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Defensive Foul Basketball Rules

On behalf of the Cheng2010-04-05 01:10:03 +0000 #1
My jump shot, because the other party in the bounce height and I have gaps, the other defense I always hit my lower body with the body, often leading to my body slightly off balance, shot the ball Although, I shooting consistency is broken, so I shot inaccurate. And sometimes not shot the ball, the other the body touched my waist. . . This is considered foul? ?

That defense attacking players jump shots, a common defensive fouls which do? ?
Little Chou _2010-04-05 01:24:50 +0000 #2
this calculation foul ball in the jump shot when the defender can not attack players have physical contact

I often see players in the NBA, the other jump in fraud cover deliberately jump when he hit the ball and then cast out into the manufacture of foul penalty not enter the free throw 2
qaz7222wsx2010-04-05 01:22:03 +0000 #3
This calculation foul
5069326052010-04-05 01:55:58 +0000 #4
foul, he violated your cylinder, cylinder rules landlord should know. Generally thugs, stop, and arrest the people, pushing people, there is the pressure bladder
Man dao2010-04-05 02:19:21 +0000 #5
Operators foul! As long as the ball after the shot has not been before the highest point, there is physical contact even if the foul!
A5713652010-04-05 02:56:51 +0000 #6
is foul! Can not be in physical contact after take-off, or out of balance in the air the other side. These are the rules.

Defensive attack personnel, common fouls are usually hired thugs, there is the wish LZ said situation. As far as I know, if you and the adults in society to play tricks on it more! they can point at a time when your jump shot point your elbow on your little brother, so you know what to do ...

also has ah, do not so hard! they make bad!!
iamchenhaobei2010-04-05 02:45:23 +0000 #7

basic rules-1. competition method, a team of five people, one of them captain, waiting up to seven players, but may increase the number of the organizers. Competition is divided into four sections, each 10 minutes per session, NBA for 12 minutes, 5 minutes rest between each section, NBA for 130 seconds, 10-minute intermission, NBA for 15 minutes, the other in the NBA, in section 4 and any 100 seconds rest between overtime. Both teams have the same end of the game, the playoff at 5 minutes, if after 5 minutes the score remained the same, then again 5 minutes to extend the match, until the outcome than the date. 2. Score the ball dropped into the basket type approved by the referee, the score will be counted. 3-point line the inside of inputs can be 2 points; 3 lateral line input can be 3 points, 1 point free throw money into. 3. Conduct of the start of the race by the two teams put up a jump ball jump player to the central area, drop by the trial judge both jump ball to start game. 4. Player replacement player to replace every 20 seconds, replace the number is not limited. The exchange of players of the time chosen was foul, ball, called the pause. Match referee may suspend the time. 5. Free throws each player is allowed 4 fouls each opportunity that is guilty of at least the fifth exit (NBA for 6 times). And can not play the same game again. Free throw is no one can stop, defensive shooting situation, is as a team foul penalty on giving the other team opportunities. After the free-throw line to free throw, the ball from the referee who took over after 10 seconds to shoot. After the shooting, the ball touched the basket and can not step before the more free-throw line. 6. Offenses can be divided into (a) General offenses: If the ball walk, double dribble (double), foot play (foot ball) or boxing ball. (2) jump ball offense: In addition to people outside can not jump ball player who touched the ball before the jump ball jump ball into the central area. The basic rules of two 24-second rule: when the offensive team the ball in the field must be shot within 24 seconds, shot (NBA, CBA, CUBA, WNBA games are 24 seconds and so on, the National Collegiate Athletic Association game for 35 seconds) . 8-second rule: the team started the ball from the back of the court must make the ball within 8 seconds into the top field (the other half). 5 second rule: the ball, the player must be within 5 seconds of bounds shot, FIBA rules must also be free throw shots in 5 seconds. 3-second rule: 3 seconds into offensive and defensive 3 seconds. Offensive 3 seconds: the offensive player may not stay on for more than 3 seconds District 3 seconds; defensive 3 seconds: When a defensive player corresponding to the offensive side players not 3 seconds or 3 seconds fringe areas, and completely out of defensive players, the defensive side Players may not stay closed for more than 3 seconds. Personal foul: physical contact occurred with the other party arising from infractions. Technical Fouls: Players or coaches because of poor performance penalty, such as a dispute with the referee and so on. Disqualified for foul: the players do not reflect the athletes made the spirit of foul play, such as beatings. After this happens, players should immediately faded. 5 team fouls: whether it is a personal foul or technical foul, a player fouls 5 times (NBA provides 6 times) to leave the stadium, no further competition. Illegally: neither a personal foul, not a technical foul for violation of rules. Major offenses are: illegal dribble, dribbling away, 3 second violation, so that the ball was out, kicking the ball. Player out of bounds: the players touch the ball or the ball itself, outside the boundary or boundaries of the region, which is a ball out of bounds. Touch the ball before the line or lines outside the area, the ball in the air is not out of bounds. Goaltending: shooting the ball to the basket when the whereabouts of the two sides are not touching the football team. When the ball inside the basket when the defender may not touch the ball. After hitting the ball the other board may not touch the ball until the ball drop. Opponents, players were close: The defender close opponents, players must be within 5 seconds pass, dribble or shoot, or their team will lose the ball (NBA rules is no such requirement). Ball returned to the field: If the team has moved the ball from the back of the court before the court, the team players can no longer move the ball over center line of the back of the court.
Qq9409847782010-04-05 02:23:04 +0000 #8
the rules

thugs have narrow and broad sense. Narrow the thugs just means that when the offensive team the ball below the elbow by the defensive player of the impact of contact area, while the broad hatchet man further be applied to the offensive player's waist holding any part of the contact by the defensive player or a collision, contact The site extends to the head, shoulder, arm above the elbow. (The waist area of non-normal exposure or non-normal impact can be broadly defined as a defensive stop or a collision attack)

1. If the offensive player to shoot in complete recovery without the ball landing on any defensive player before the state of his arm his arm for the following site (wrist, hand, and even finger) contacts can be whistled for the thugs, the specific operation, usually in the shot before the ball does not affect the shooting of a slight touch can be ignored if the violation affected the intensity and nature of the offensive player's hand shot, the ball has been shot even more serious after the contact can still whistled for illegal defense.

2. Defensive side of the malicious attacks, both in the offensive at any time (including the dribble or shoot or pass) occurs, can be whistled for fouls for the thugs, and even foul. 3. In the event of blocks or steals the thugs call was: theoretical blocks or steals should not be any physical contact, if the behavior of thugs in blocks or steals after, can be negligible (eg : If the defensive player blocks shot after shot out offensive players, arm movements with the family hours of exposure to the offensive side the whereabouts of the arm can be ignored, steals the same reason), if the physical contact to occur simultaneously in blocks or steals, can whistled for foul thugs, but the actual operation blocks or steals when there is physical contact that is all dependent on judges eyes, I often have the degree of behavior is not very obvious hatchet man has not been whistled for the offensive players hammer Dayton chest, defense phenomenon of the players complacent.
Is actually quite handsome2010-04-05 04:56:03 +0000 #9
No shots hit foul shots it means you are normal physical contact
Wong Wai and2010-04-05 03:03:23 +0000 #10
had to solve the problem to the QQ space collection reproduced what the rules of basketball

[tags: basketball rules, basketball, rules] Oh play Answer: 6 Popularity: 6 solution time :2009-04-11 09:11

satisfactory answer to the first chapter contest basketball rules as defined in Article 1 of the size and equipment Chapter rule 2 basketball court size basketball rule 3 lines and Rule 4 size basketball equipment, staff and their duties of chapter rule 5 of basketball referees and assistant basketball rule 6 of the power of the main referee basketball rule 7 of the sentencing judge the time and place of Basketball Rules 8 violation occurs when the referee's responsibility Basketball Rule 9 records and assistant basketball record of the duties of Rule 10 of timekeeper duties of basketball rule 11 of the 30-second timer functions chapter members, substitutes and coaches basketball rule 12 of the basketball team members to Rule 13 and Rule 14 substitutes basketball captain's duties and powers of rule 15 of basketball coaches of the duties and powers of the General Chapter of time Article 16 of the Basketball Rules time basketball game with rule 17 of the game clock control rule 18 basketball rules basketball for 30 seconds to register with rule 19 of Rule 20 be suspended basketball players or referees basketball rule 21 injured scores are equal and the first extra period VI Competition Rule 22 of General Basketball game winning basketball rule 23 of the start of basketball competition rule 24 of the state of basketball ball rule 25 of the location of basketball players and referees rule 26 Basketball jump ball rule 27 how to play basketball basketball ball rule 28 rule 29 basketball players basketball rules in doing the act of shooting the ball in the basket section 30 of the scores of basketball and its rules of Article 31 of bounds rule 32 replace Basketball Basketball Rule 33 1, or a basketball game when the end of rule 34 of the competition rules for abstaining disputed loss to the basketball game because of a lack of Article 35 of Chapter VII of unauthorized basketball team disputed loss to the Rule 36 rule 37 illegal basketball player out of bounds and Basketball ball out of bounds rule 38 of rules of basketball rules dribbling the ball to go 39 rule 40 Rules of Basketball "3 second" rule 41 basketball rules by basketball players guarded rule 42 of rules of basketball for 10 seconds Rule 43 Ball returned to the basketball rule 44 offensive and defensive interference in Chapter VIII of a personal foul ball basketball basketball foul rule 45 rule 46 rule 47 of contact with basketball basketball invasive foul rule 48 basketball foul rule 49 unsportsmanlike foul Basketball Rule 50 disqualified technical foul basketball foul rules Chapter 51 rules of conduct: Rule 52 defines basketball technical foul basketball players Rule 53 OTC staff technical foul basketball rule 54 breaks, the technical foul rule 55 fights basketball Chapter 56 of the general rules of basketball rules basketball basic principles of rule 57, 5 or 6 players foul Basketball Rules 58 team fouls - Punishment of rule 59 of rules of basketball under special circumstances rule 60 fouls basketball free-throw basketball rule 61 to correct errors



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