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I am a Rockets fan, asked several questions on the rocket deal

Qiu Q2010-04-05 02:10:12 +0000 #1
recent rocket transactions to four new players, basketball expert please tell me the recent rocket deal to the players strengths and weaknesses, and to speculate about possible future deals rocket
everyone loves is too small2010-04-05 02:22:41 +0000 #2
Rockets before the trade deadline deal to the Union second-class scoring guard Kevin. Martin, a potential rookie year before Jordan 8-bit. Hill, a former defensive strange杰杰弗里斯, there is a migration of people in each team's spring Armstrong, following concrete to look at their strengths and weaknesses

Martin, scoring first-line players than Alliance, the rare 20 + players, and his relatively low profile, they do not have too more star quality and temper, is also of concern about the domestic scandals and low, personal shooting weird position, but more elegant playing style, as if feeling some air walk, break through the general air under the ball cutting without the ball first-rate rapid power projection , with a height of 2.01 and a good wingspan and can, in many of the bits or dislocation caused by the defending side circumstances foul, weakness of body weight and the apparent lack of confrontation, not a very tough play and tenacious fighting spirit, both crucial is a shot of courage, or degree of accuracy will be compromised, not a big heart and the key to President, not a very good team's ability to organize series, simple scoring machine may be a fairly appropriate position, and alliances such as Anthony and Duran special genius of this score as Tannangquwu scorer than he could only be considered second-rate

Jordan Union. Hill, this year's rookie rookie, has a large pre-basic figure, 2.08 the height of the rocket inside the current case might be a good added video from a few terms, the pace of technology in the big one in first-class, face the right half side of the hook box also shows good potential head should feel pretty good, basic aspects of the African Americans are pretty good in the big one , the weakness of physical struggle is just to stay in the NCAA's standards, cross-longitudinal view of Yidongsuduo Jiao Du Xiangdui slow build, Fan Wei means of attack and attack would not be good, almost no Taiduo projection capability, Just before the irrigation Zhong basket also did not show a superior jumping ability and explosiveness to the current rocket on his request and direction of view, attempts to develop into the next Chandler, but I venture to predict, if there is a good playing time and development environment along with their efforts and dreams so big inside as the pace of intensive training, may be able to become the second major pre-version of the Bynum

Jeffries, 2.11 height with only a freak can play on the 3rd place, when the Wizards With defensive coverage (from the 3rd to the 5th position can prevent bit), after the expiration of the contract, a good mix in New York, the contract began in exile, and the current capacity may only be placed in the rotation of the hard process on the 4th position in the fast-forward play to rest under the main transition time consumed 5.2 rebounds in his height just some weird, hoping to team defense in the Rockets find their place in the chain, perhaps in Battier Jeffries under the guidance and help to get back past the young defensive strength and skills to become waste into the rocket of a masterpiece, the desired. . . . . .

Armstrong, similar 2.11, the same emaciated figure, bouncing Tigger good, the main role is in the sidelines, a towel and get drinks for delivery, may be able to limited screenings in the top 5 position in the fast in the next spared from war sent 1 2 explosion buckle, young team mascot than a game and wished he could with limited playing time in Houston to show his physical talent as much as possible, perhaps the next landing CBA player is that you may Pick Anta will send a piece of paper is more lucrative than the team's contract salary, the rest of his life so that you can be proud to cry in my mind: I can play!

on the transaction, some may be too early to predict, from the second half of the season, the situation trade effects may evolve in two different versions, if the team inside the injection in the absence of strong or as always, under the indomitable will and with the focus 120% had some degree of screening of victory and stormed into the playoffs that Morey will be a sign for next year by the way have Bosh, Yao Ming leaving the one hand to prepare for a serious state of decline and, secondly, to form a new trio of the NBA championship, the external projection of attack without the ball, do not rely on individuals outside breakthrough to reduce stagnation of the time the ball more in the local area within the post moves inside to wait for hours to contain the ball after the attack, while the inside but gave low and high need to check with each other and the anti- can be understood as the evolution of the twin towers, may be called the Lower Ngau Tau array, the specific chip is a small cloth + sign-in Scola + Battier +2010 quarter of the first-round pick in a sign change for the Bosh, Texas told to avoid tax, if Bosh according to Larry. Bird scored big in the mother or the maximum salary contract, the contract came to his hometown of Houston to play, as well as Martin and Yao Ming and the general good of the bench power, may be the Dragon King nodded, but the success rate is relatively small, perhaps Bosh would choose Chicago; second rocket may be implanted by Martin still has no record on the strength and improvement, but a number of good training role players, but all the problems facing renewed, it may soon give up the rocket will be Martin's big contracts and renewal of these players will leave once again to adjust the core of the rocket external candidates, a name we should not be unfamiliar, Eagle King Joe. Johnson, his departure may be only for the money, because he though a good player but not outstanding emperors, so the earlier sign-in, the rocket can produce chips Scola + Martin received an annual salary of about 16 million or so The eagle king + so and so Tim head, but this time the rocket is already on the minds of the coming year, because Yao Ming is not an insurance policy, that by 2011, if Yao recovery is not satisfactory, it can not find suitable candidates, although the hand hold good sign bit can be rebuilt, but with eagle king rocket can still desperate, attempt in 2011 to try to trade Anthony, due to the current strength of the Lakers and Cleveland, may pay the same on the Nuggets will be high Zai was suppressed for years is the impact of the next choose to give up, started to adjust salaries to prepare for the future, the rocket can be sent first-round draft pick in 2012 plus a number of expired contracts, such as Yao Ming in exchange for a small melon, I Xiangxin the 23rd position that if so the efficiency of the two scoring players of such high injection, the rocket is not confronted with at least a thorough reconstruction process in the next draft may be an insider, such as El. Jephson, like the mini-center, then the rocket will Construction of an additional set of ultra-pure attack outside the main lineup, has is not an option, the purely personal conjecture and YY, any similarity to be very happy!

Hope my answer can bring you laughter, after, leaving a little thought and help!
89170382010-04-05 02:27:54 +0000 #3
trading deadline, and near impossible to trade, as to the players I know Kevin Martin, a very good player should be able and very good with Yao Ming -
fttyydj2010-04-05 02:34:22 +0000 #4
Martin breakthrough excellent foul shooting ability Strong compatibility with Yao Ming a good relationship with the A handsome body thin defensive difference

Qiaodanxier easily injured Young and full of energy rebounds well Horizons experience generally poor offensive attack

Jeffries excellent defensive general contract suck Sigh

Armstrong mishap center contract expires this year is no other

rocket only 10 million of cap space to sign can not be a super summer, will be added inside the players off the bench could re-sign Weaver



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