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Most members of the Spanish basketball league in Spain you? _

oulexian2010-04-05 10:10:33 +0000 #1
A lot of people say that the Spanish Basketball League technical water well, professional level of concern, would like to ask those players most of them Spanish? Can allow foreign players to join it? I was rookie not to laugh at my problems Oh! few days ago a friend gave me an introduction of foreign players site has information, but God how I can read it. So I would like to find a site full of Chinese players in Spain mediated information and the ball Team details, What is the name a lot of teams do not know what I have not read the name of it. So long as Chinese could be the latest and fastest updates, how to be called soon? of course, the players change it! If you have to Oh, the little woman to leave a `first Xiela
Knock Forest 72010-04-05 10:19:29 +0000 #2
landlord did not expect the Spanish ACB League on the database also interested ah? You can go to the Baidu search on: MSO basketball database, and I guarantee that you find, or can go to look at Zhao Zhao: C0% BA% C7 % F2NBA% D7% CA% C1% CF% BF% E2 & f = 8 & wd = MSO% C0% BA% C7% F2% D7% CA% C1% CF% BF% E2
taishan25872010-04-05 10:48:39 +0000 #3
like a super majority or China people
I am willing to release dragons dead2010-04-05 11:17:38 +0000 #4



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