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The three transactions rocket what specific circumstances.

Dian Naruto Pie Xinxin2010-04-05 14:10:32 +0000 #1
Martin rocket, then wheat.

Be specific.
no culture so terrible?2010-04-05 14:22:02 +0000 #2
This is the Rockets and Knicks team King 3

9 transaction details sent Rockets - Tracy McGrady (traded to the Knicks); Joy - more than the West, Carl - Carl (traded to King)

by Kevin - Martin, Hilton - Armstrong (obtained from the King)

Jared - Jeffries, Jordan - Hill, 2011 first-round draft pick of the exchange rights (champion signed protection), and a first-round draft pick in 2012 (five overall protection) - From the Knicks get

Knicks sent Jared - Jeffries, Jordan - Hill, 2011 first round the exchange of draft picks right (champion signed to protect), and a first-round draft pick in 2012 (five overall protection) - traded to the Rockets

Larry - Hughes (traded to the Kings)

be special LEI - Tracy McGrady (Rockets are from); Sergio - Rodriguez (obtained from the King)

Kings sent Kevin - Martin, Hilton - Armstrong (traded to the Rockets); Sergio - Rodriguez (traded to Knicks)

by Joy - more than the West, Carl - Carl (obtained from the rocket); Larry - Hughes (obtained from the New York Knicks)

11 years Scholars sign of protection means the pick in the 2011 summer conference of the sign bit if the Knicks become a champion if signed then the sign bit will be protected by the Knicks are the Knicks, not the Rockets the other hand, if the sign Scholars sign bit is not even a second place is not the first pick third overall as long as all the other pick is because only the champion is signed rocket protected

12 years is like five overall protection is also understood that is in 2012 summer if the Knicks draft pick to sign the General Assembly is the top 5 places to go outside the top five of all New York Knicks go pick rocket



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