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NBA, scientific competition system arrangement it?

is a mystery Camp2010-04-05 18:10:02 +0000 #1
Houston Rockets, Celtics injury troubles, even Kobe Bryant was injured, is not too intensive a schedule arranged, NBA level is already high, will not reduce the number of games affect the Union's revenue right?
の world without war2010-04-05 18:18:47 +0000 #2
is actually quite complex because of trouble ...

NBA is not the most popular in the United States alliance. I love the Spurs on the old endure the bitter race.

A few years earlier, NBA schedule on the claim that they are all randomly selected by computer. In fact, not all games drawn by computer, some of the important games are artificial arrangements.

Schedule arrangements will take into account factors

NBA's schedule is the NBA office by the lead arranger Matt Winnick, and he arranged schedule, we will consider many factors.

First of all, the number is determined by market competition: each team of each team to another Division will conduct two games, a field in the home, a field in the road. For example, this year's regular season, the Lakers and the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles in the fight game.

Second, each team will follow the same district team for 4 games, 2 games at home, two games on the road. For example, the defending champion Celtics and the 76ers will be playing varsity four races.

Finally, although the same Division, but not in the same area of the team, will be 3 games or 4 games of the match. Together with four teams as the Celtics played just three regular-season games - the Bobcats, Bulls, Bucks and Wizards.

For 3 games every year rotation opponent, so that within a few years with the Celtics against each team's field number is the same - they are with the eagles last year, Magic, Pacers and Pistons play only 3 games, so the Celtics game this season is as follows:

15 Western Conference opponents x 2, the number of game field 30; four Atlantic Division rivals x 4, the number of game field 16; six Eastern Conference opponents x 4, the number of 24 games field; four Eastern Conference opponents x 3, match field number 12; Total: Competition Session 82.

When the NBA schedule to complete the first draft, they will review the calendar distributed to the team. If there is no particular reason, the team usually can not change the race date and start time.

Home games on the teams themselves to declare

each season, NBA games to be played 1230 games at home, then, NBA is how to determine the home game time?

NBA provides that in March each year, the NBA teams need to submit a list of the NBA game at home can be from 50 to 75 at night.

, As is the case with the Celtics, their home arena in Boston North Shore Garden Arena, is leasing Bruins family, the stadium not only for Celtic's home, also hosts many concerts and other events. These events sometimes at the same time, that is why the Meinian the All-Star championships, the Celtics always continuous week of West Coast road trip, because then Disney on Ice show will be held in North Shore Garden Arena.

Celtics and Bruins home arena agreement to use the family time, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in most cases, Tuesdays and Thursdays they play the game to the away day.

The Tuesday and Thursday the habit of playing away, suffered a major loss to the Celtics this season, the Celtics know, NBA and the Lakers surely will make them play a leading role in the Christmas wars, but Boston's desire is to this day in the Christmas play at home, not only honorable position for the defending champion, but also effectively blocked by hundreds of millions of Lakers fans attention by the major revenge game. When they get the schedule, but found himself to Los Angeles to play Christmas to war. Such an outcome, so coach Doc Rivers and Celtics players were very uncomfortable.

To blame? Tuesdays and Thursdays all because they like to play games away habit, it is the habit, cause them to lose the battle of the home games this Christmas right. NBA Lakers and Celtics in the arrangements for Christmas World War, it is considered that the Celtics used before to arrange the match in Los Angeles carried out.

But the Celtics are slowly changing this habit. This season, NBA games on the arrangements for their four home games on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Tuesdays and Thursdays they match a total of 14 games, 10 away). Opening game of the year (local time October 28 Tuesday) Celtic vs. Knight, since March 18, 2003 since the Celtics for the first time Tuesday to play the regular season at home.

San Antonio is often a period of time can not be troubled in the home games.

Year by the end of January early February, the Spurs will usher in a known as the "Cowboy Tour" of the continuous eight-game road trip. Because their home AT & T Center during this time will be organizing the annual rodeo competition. This year their "cowboy trip" away from a Feb. 3 start against the Warriors until the Feb. 22 game at Washington ended. 8 opponents than warriors, Denver and Washington, there are the Celtics, Nets, Raptors, Knicks and Pistons.

Rocket the same way, they early November 2008, ushered in a 9-day five-game road trip, because the Toyota Center to host the ninth Latin Grammy Awards ceremony.

The Lakers can not play back to back home

where the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant is an idol-type team, but they are arranged in the calendar is also very much stress on one of the most memorable is that they can not own played back to back home games. Said his site had not their own, some people depressed.

The reason why the Lakers can not play back to back games at home, because their home stadium the Staples Arena, in addition to hosting the Lakers game, but also host the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings (hockey) and other tournament games, including the World Figure Skating Championships.

Since Los Angeles is an international metropolis, the Staples Arena lease often been organizing trade fairs and other product activities, which also affected the Lakers schedule arrangements.

Also, the Lakers game at home, most will be relatively late start time, usually late at night 10:30 (GMT 11:30), it is because their home games before the Staples to for other activities.

After a television to change the schedule adjustment is confirmed, the final full version of the NBA schedule will be for the public, fans began their favorite team on schedule so-called "conspiracy theory" debate.

Of course, this does not mean NBA development schedule to complete the work, and cooperation in television sometimes adjust the playing time in the season, the agreement of the exclusion clause means that in order to broadcast to the time the game had to do some adjustments . For example, last season after the Celtics have Kevin Garnett, some game time change for television reasons.

Winter weather and travel problems, race schedule may lead to re-enact. Also, under the collective wage agreement, the team can not cross two time zones during air travel day of the competition. The agreement also provides for a holiday when you can race, and the NBA All-Star Game within 48 hours not to compete.

Start time of each game is NBA regulations. For example, in some cities, non-weekend night games start 7 pm, while in other cities will be 7:30 start. Special arrangements for special occasions

for some special day of the competition, NBA or man-made arrangements for the participating teams.

Auspicious New Year's Day and Halloween fans can Zhuangshennonggui is extracted by the computer to team. Halloween is the Beijing Time on November 1st, the day many years, is the NBA season opening day, but special arrangements will not be what NBA teams, which players to duel, all drawn by the computer.

The All-Star, playoff, finals of these events, and the NBA regular events have been separated, these games have people to arrange the schedule.

Only the Christmas war is specially arranged NBA. Because the NBA requires speculation, need some special teams, special grudge duel between the players to earn the fans eyes, to enhance the NBA popularity purposes.

Throughout the history of the Christmas wars, both of the last century 90's Bulls VS New York Knicks (1992), Bulls VS Heat (1997), or this century's Lakers VS Kings (2002), Lakers VS Rockets (2003) , whether a few years ago, O'Neill was the classic battle VS Bryant's Christmas, or the 2008 Lakers and Celtics of the Christmas wars, before, after the game were all saliva dashing, flying elbow iron race, NBA artificially created all the scores and confrontation.

Playoff schedule will be adjusted

NBA commissioner David Stern said the playoff schedule will make appropriate adjustments. He said: "Some people think the playoffs are a long, next season we will make some adjustments, so that more compact schedule."

Of his vision is to compression 3 days each round of competition, between each round will not wait too long.

Another issue is the competition schedule of time, some matches are held in the playoffs too late to affect the ticket sales. Stern said, will consider this issue, try to match the timing of the reasonable. According to Stern's personal experience of the Western District of race fans for the eastern end too late, as some screenings of the game, the end is already 2:00.

Stern said he did not for this, but for the fans is extremely unfair. He said: "You do all the work should focus on such a question, who was watching, the best evaluation criterion is the ratings."
Fine cotton Zhi Tian was2010-04-05 18:23:08 +0000 #3
very scientific, some teams almost is a home away from home for a while like the Lakers or Spurs have nine-game road back to back, but can not, after all, the 230-day period to play 82 games, there are playoffs and the finals, is now more scientific.
Kam Tong Mei Qing smoke2010-04-05 19:21:17 +0000 #4
do not? Will not we say, is David Stern said
yj87522010-04-05 18:40:36 +0000 #5
NBA most revenue comes from ticket and peripheral products previously only 10 teams in the NBA when the play is more than 10 games, now 30 certainly not reduce the schedule, and which players from injury in terms of how to ensure that the impact has become a challenge! I can quite understand the feelings of watching their favorite LZ star injury plagued time and time again is really gripping it! ! ! Moreover, my idol, or D-WADE



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