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Lakers February 24 Bryant would play the game right

wddream2010-04-05 22:11:14 +0000 #1
right calf, heard Bryant injured have been unable to play
charming Z Li2010-04-05 22:15:13 +0000 #2
As the left leg and left ankle tendon injuries, the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant - Bryant has missed five straight games, but recently is expected to fly back Xia entry. Beijing on Feb. 21 message, Kobe following the injury for the first time took part in team training, and claims to want a return to attend the next away game against the Grizzlies.

Since the local time after February 15, Bryant has not participated in training on, and today is his first week training. Although there are side left the field day, but Bryant was re-approved shirt with confidence. After training, the Lakers headed interview, bluntly, "I have been able to play back up."

"Today I feel very, very good," Bryant said, "I can jump, able to run, to suddenly start can drive the ball . I think that whether we can under the back of a grizzly bear to fight, we should see how I feel tomorrow, has. "tomorrow, the Lakers did not arrange for the training, but Bryant will conduct personal training, to test the recovery of his ankle .

"Although some parts of the ankle still aches, but the pain is gradually disappearing," Bryant on the back quite optimistic, "I have been able to move normally, and also be able to do all I want action." Kobe can not wait

There is perhaps a reason to return: The next game will be the 1,000 th career Bryant regular season, but local time on February 10 Derek - Derek Fisher had just reached the milestone in his 1000 field, which makes the same 96 class Bryant some sit still. "At this point I was defeated Fisher," Bryant said with a smile, "I'm so lost. If I had known, I would not miss that play."

Now Kobe Bryant played a total of 999 career NBA games regular season, ranking 90th in league history, active 8-bit, behind Shaq - Shaquille O'Neal, Jason - Jason Kidd, Kevin - Kevin Garnett, Juwan - Howard, Michael - Finley, Rashid - China Wallace and Fisher. 1,000 field mark, then just tying former teammate Kobe Bryant Glen - Rice.
Los Chen whelp2010-04-05 22:24:50 +0000 #3
Kobe Bryant is expected at

war is expected to return Tuesday to mention coup fly Grizzlies Wharton said Miao Xia Lian



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