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If we allow banks to play the Lakers game and Dongguan, with NBA rules, but the Lakers beat 4 5, Who

Jingfaazimung2010-04-05 23:10:51 +0000 #1

8475170912010-04-05 23:22:25 +0000 #2
Lakers win! ! ! ! There is no suspense! KOBE one just two! Needless to say, attack! Defense with defense! (The first two, followed by two) and then NBA rules. . . . You want it
scorpiowu2010-04-05 23:22:39 +0000 #3
Your very if if. Explanation: First, you can give two live anti-Kobe. The case had been largely Three-Three. Lakers Win-Win comprehensive strength. Fang Buzhu Bryant basically waiting on the final whistle of the. Not to say impossible, but read the NBA and CBA, and people who know basketball know points ...
whpwanjl2010-04-06 00:03:41 +0000 #4
a look you do not understand basketball professional basketball is impossible to four-hit win five in particular, do not forget what you said NBA rules NBA rules are a little defensive three seconds to explain himself to be very prospective professional players shot four-hit open shots with five shots all the training is almost the Bryant defense he is not all powerful, but you 22 defense double-teamed in the corner one-third never are not on the left is an empty space on the right side is not restricted to air from the hip to know the Lakers to lose
I know I do not know2010-04-05 23:37:48 +0000 #5
amount. . Looks like there is a problem, KOBE to 2 personal protection, other people do not play one on one? ?

Dongguan was home to one against Sister? ? Artest was able to single-top? ?

Unrealistic to the point of it. . But physical strength is a problem,

can only say that the Lakers won most of the probability. . .

Upstairs right, but the NBA was one-third of vacancies are likely to not enter, let alone CBA? ?

Along with others doing substitute for? ?

Not 4 individuals must be into the audience. . .
Satan № Kiss2010-04-06 00:03:57 +0000 #6
ask this question. . . I really do not know what to do A

a little naive. . But have to say that the NBA All-Star, Hall of Fame who came. . . .

4 to 5 will still be abused. . . .

For ordinary people, vacancies may occur when shooting does not score, but as professional athletes, the space shot is just practice in the training field, you may have a look CBA team's warm-up and training. No one looking at the case of Zhu Fangyu defense hit rate is very high. .

Talk tactics. Upstairs to say very good, NBA and a requirement that defensive three seconds, defensive players in the absence of any specific defense to the offensive player when, in the restricted area must not stay more than 3 seconds. Can be imagined of, inside hollow, also used to play Mody, cut into that sub. Do not say the Lakers are abnormal, 100 米比博尔特 faster. Well, even if the running back, then spread out, no case of defense, shooting can adjust Angle and feel, it is divided. Do not say can come back up against the Lakers, not Superman.

So, the Lakers if the 4 to 5 in Guangdong. . . . Obviously totally abused.

Do not rule out an abnormal response. . . Lakers play child in Guangdong, so why did it. . . Because the landlord just say the Lakers enough time to realize the tactical exercise, but did not say what venue is. . . If the event in Los Angeles, ha ha ha ha, the Chinese team has not adjusted the time difference to go to match the estimated also comes to an end. Or the Guangdong team met with the Lakers star Kobe Bryant, daughter-in-old fish excited. . . . . Voluntarily admit defeat.
Holddogs2010-04-06 00:20:20 +0000 #7
Los Angeles Lakers will win it is necessary



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