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Turn around jump shot jump shot basketball trip and how to train well in practice

Stklx1q2010-04-06 07:12:03 +0000 #1
I play basketball about a 1 year, but the technology still will not practice for a long time fixed-point shooting touch to a fairly stable, I am 16 years old 170 students asked me to play small forward, he stands and I am almost 18 of his small forward is a very standard technique is also very good investment, I think his jump shot and turned the trip very handsome also extraordinary, what can these two how to practice and learn well, or I can only stand there for people to vote and pass to me to be no air defense, someone did not dare vote against.
WhiTe_3152010-04-06 07:22:37 +0000 #2
first posted about your problem.

Turn around jump shot, and emergency stop jumpers. No doubt. Another most important "investment" word. Since it has been fairly stable does not have to feel what the talking.

Turn around jump shot jump shot and the trip although difficult and not easy to cover. But there are also "hit rate" of fatal defects.

Turnaround jumpers. China's Yao Ming inside the big C is often used this trick to score points. First leg to be a powerful force, can have absolute jump height, to ensure you complete your move. Turning force required is the waist up. These two you can reach the standard, to keep your shooting hand type, you can complete.

Trip jumper and little to say. During the stop, have failed to dribble Mody. Some like the natural stop. Choose the right foot by force, we must stop the powerful homeopathic jump. Dou Wan. Action completed.

However, these two actions as improving the hit rate and little to say. Practice it.

I think that the 16-year-old 170. Or should properly practice your dribbling, basic is very important. For example you said the trip jumper, dribble transportation do not understand how arbitrary that Ting Jiuting it?

And you say when you play silly standing, who shot the ball passed to you. Perhaps you are just a shooter's role, but not a good shooter Running Position is not. The capacity of the space is not created by his teammates, is accomplished through the post moves.

Hope you have a better understanding of basketball.

Kobe's actions: (I hope to help you)
Yangcheng Lake tree2010-04-06 07:57:39 +0000 #3
a4214284062010-04-06 07:28:18 +0000 #4
Experience is the most important! NBA looking to learn more under the slow-motion



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