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I like playing basketball, but I do not understand even the most basic rules, who can tell me the sp

Songjin Xin 1a_2010-04-06 08:12:14 +0000 #1

wewe_fang2010-04-06 08:23:46 +0000 #2
This is the regular audience rules: 1) basic rules of a : 1. competition method, a team of five people, one of them captain, waiting up to seven players, but may increase the number of the organizers. The competition is divided before, Houban Chang, the 20 minutes each half, 10-minute intermission. Both teams have the same end of the game, the playoff at 5 minutes after 5 minutes if the number is still higher than the same, then again 5 minutes to extend the match, until the outcome than the date. 2. Score the ball dropped into the basket type approved by the referee, the score will be counted. 3-point line inputs available inside 2 minutes; by two thirds by the lateral line input can be 3 points, 1 point free throw money into. 3. Conduct of the start of the race by the two teams put up a jump ball jump player to the central area, drop by the trial judge both jump ball to start game. Bounds. 4. Player replacement player to replace every 20 seconds, replace the number is not limited. The exchange of players selected in the time it was foul, ball, called the pause. Match referee may suspend the time. 5. Free throws each player is allowed 4 fouls each opportunity that is guilty of the fifth full exit. And can not play the same game again. Everyone can not stop at the free throw, defense shooting cases, is as a team foul penalty on giving the other team opportunities. After the free-throw line to free throw, the ball from the referee who took over after 5 seconds to shoot. After the shooting, the ball touched the basket and can not step before the more free-throw line. 6. Offenses can be divided into (a) General offenses: If the ball walk, double dribble, foot ball football or boxing. (2) jump ball offense, (3) jump ball when the offense: In addition to the players jump ball into the trees beyond the jump ball who can touch the ball before the jump ball into the central area. 2) Basic Rule number two: 30 second rule --- offensive team the ball in the field must be shot within 30 seconds shot (NBA games for 24 seconds, the National Collegiate Athletic Association game for 35 seconds). 10 seconds Clock rules --- the team started the ball from the back of the court, must be made within 10 seconds the ball into the top field (the other half). 5 seconds after the ball --- the rules, players must be 5 seconds within the bounds shots. FIBA rules must also be free throw shots in 5 seconds (NBA rule for 10 seconds). 3 seconds rule --- with the other occurrence resulting from physical contact fouls, such as a dispute with the referee, etc. situation. personal foul --- physical contact with each other arising from infractions. Technical foul --- players or coaches because of poor performance penalty, such as a dispute with the referee and so on. cancel the game knowledge of the foul - - Players do not reflect the athletes made the spirit of foul play, such as beatings. this happens, the player sent off immediately outside. players five fouls --- whether it is a personal foul or technical foul, a 5 times the player fouls (NBA provides 6 times) to leave the stadium, not to compete again. offenses --- neither a personal foul, not a technical foul for violation of rules. major offenses are: illegal dribble; the ball away; 3 second violation; the ball out of bounds. members of the community --- the ball or the ball itself, the players hit boundaries or outside the region Scale line, which is a ball out of bounds. touch the ball before the line or lines outside the region, ball in the air is not out of bounds. interference ball shooting the ball to the basket --- whereabouts, the two members shall touch the ball. When the ball inside the basket when the defender may not touch the ball. be close opponents, players --- defender close by opponents, players must pass within 5 seconds, dribble or shoot, or their team will lose the ball (NBA rules is no such requirement). the ball back to the team after the market --- as has been moved from the back field before the ball field, the team players can no longer move the ball over the center line back to the backcourt.
seize the offensive rhythm2010-04-06 08:37:08 +0000 #3
this too much of it.

Novice do not care so much rule started slowly in the process to learn.

However, certain basic qualities to have. On the ball rather than the person can not do harm to other people's actions, respect for opponents, trust his teammates. Must be humble, do not quarrel with someone. Smile more. The real fun is the amateur basketball with teammates and opponents with the competitive process, not the result of winning or losing. In short, the ball is a good product, people will be willing to play with you and patiently teach you the rules.

Would like to give you endless pleasure basketball!
Girl 43282010-04-06 09:25:04 +0000 #4
not the same as playing basketball and playing cards, ah, you will not tell you the rules fight, ah! ! You're going to practice, ah, to playing will be up! Well a practice, but not the game is that play Well
Shuai's been fine up2010-04-06 09:56:11 +0000 #5
OK! I'll give you some practical interpretation can be, but in fact does not play a professional game is not necessary to understand the rules so Du would give his playing time began to let go. First of all you have to go to court to know half line third line of the free throw line (this line in the general entertainment game not a requirement) this is when you are pitching to the understand. Second, try to get the ball when the ball consistency, can not shoot the ball go put that shot, that is secondary. Can not shoot the ball and ran for more than two steps, now allowed to run three steps from a sub-bit line throw the ball. Avoid not impatient, when the master always gives the ball to go shoot less and move less, or making the wrong impression, but a closer look do not see the flaws, this is the so-called rhythm,

Finally, Do not deliberately stormed the ball, committing six will be sent off after, although sometimes a kind of tactical foul, but the fun of basketball activities do not involve this area. You just make sure the ball when he did not awkward movement lot of attention to other people's foul, which is learning. Must be good at summarizing their reasons for their own foul avoided, take part in actual combat, general players of quality and learning things that are on the pitch to be taught to always ask questions of his own enlightenment fear blunders, probably on these, nothing Duo look to do more of the learning game, I believe you will improve. Thank you to the sub-
y6304863732010-04-06 09:10:26 +0000 #6
slow play - it will slowly!



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