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Field about 300 guards wear basketball shoes

czjgbxyn2010-04-06 09:11:01 +0000 #1
back shoes ... need to protect the quality and comfort, not too heavy, I was smart of the guard, to store the shoes look too cumbersome Anta, Li Ning, Peak's Quality shoes seemingly not enough, do not wear, buy horses Keji De II, unfortunately the store had never
ychwuha2010-04-06 09:24:14 +0000 #2
To tell the truth, I do not recommend to buy shoes online

my classmates bought a pair of 300 Taobao Mall more Nike Clothing, just where on a good time to buy a thing, almost a month later started wearing a crack, and reveals the rough work is also no doubt. But the Internet does not necessarily fake, my cousin had bought a pair of more than 400 of the Adi SC, 09 年 9 and buying, and now looks pretty good, and should be the real thing.

After all, online shopping, true and false no guarantees. If we really need to buy brand-name, then I suggest that the right to buy Li Ning, Li Ning, a security code because it can directly experience the authenticity of network Shangguan, Li Ning's footwear relatively strong. Nike just personally feel that Adi face live is not particularly meaningful, and the price high. Want to buy good shoes, do not be afraid to spend money on.

Addy's proposal to buy and fit the shoes, ADIDAS PILRAHNA IV that I had fancy shoes, but has no chance to start, the official price of 720, but in 2009 out, and now is estimated to be able to find them playing 5 - 7 fold. TS Series CREATER can, my pair is not very light, but the foot feeling comfortable, not the 400,500 shoes to Nike shoes than the

I do not like, so much that the

there is the proposal to buy Reebok. Reebok shoes are good shape, performance lasting wear. Price slightly lower than Nike is too little shop.

300 yuan can buy shoes online Adi general, it might only be able to go to stores to buy the low end of Li Ning and Anta in the end the.

Or buy Anta's it, made, I have been supported. Determined not to buy goods foreigners vases
purple pea tree2010-04-06 09:58:16 +0000 #3
online shopping bei!

Addy, Reebok, many styles you can buy 300 +



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