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Guo Shiqiang and teaching ability which Li Chunjiang high

8257240142010-04-06 09:11:31 +0000 #1

Blue Syzygium2010-04-06 09:17:59 +0000 #2
Li Chunjiang club players is magnificent, from the vast land of China to a good selection of talent, can be sitting on a good hand. The result is normal . As before August 1 heyday, when players are playing year, now you look at August 1, Big Zhi already old, a group of Keke Cheng Kung device can not, and now the community, and good seedling to the financial strength are club, and naturally the game is August 1. of course the build-up to this growing group of excellent players and Li Chunjiang of coaching also not unrelated.

Guo Shiqiang it, in the next season to take over from Jiang Xingquan Liaoning, according to the existing team played some achievements in the fourth following year the first second and third year of a series of reasons for it, as CBA does not take on foreign aid strictly limited playing time friends, the team repeated injury numbers matter, the boss does not mean to prepare strong center with only a small forward double foreign aid to deal with each other got 12 friends and other reasons, this also bear the label of Kuo 12. Last year when the national team coach, did not give the national team won the first name has been universally condemned, to be honest , which coaches can not Yao Ming Basketball Break it? Moreover, there are members of the young coaches do not buy accounts, sub-generals rumors, so be fair, the second can be considered plausible, after all, won the world championship ticket, which is affordable. we do not like the media said, as "lost title" We are not the original title.

Li Chunjiang and Guo Shiqiang played against in the league, Guo end of the road had so many match winning streak in Guangdong. In total to win three times. In most cases, of course the national team's magnificent win the hand. Overall, Li Guo is China's current coach of the outstanding young persons, Wang Fei and Ah Jiang is also very good.

Liaoning League runner-up that may duel in the final quarter, Li Guo tactics summoned two frequently called for the suspension layout is really very exciting!

By the way, really hope that one day guide to the River Lee or River team to walk around it His strength will be clearly demonstrates.

PS: on the first floor said is wrong, Qing-Peng Zhang giving itself a professional league has not left since the Liaoning team, how it will be Lee's disciples? qianlai0515 is Luan Jiang, Guo three seasons with the Lee, Li Xiaoxu would contradict his own coach?
kiddkissemily2010-04-06 09:27:58 +0000 #3
Li Chunjiang it, help the province's team has won several titles, and Guangdong team players in his training, many have entered the national team, many players are emerging this season, his Jiujiang, such as Qing-Peng Zhang -

regardless of reputation or accomplishments are Li Chunjiang strong
zhyyjj2010-04-06 10:05:21 +0000 #4
different characteristics, Li Chunjiang men are all national team members, take the first not surprising; Guo Shiqiang in Liaoning that year was to take the second NB, then on the mediocrity of the. Some individuals feel strong Li Chunjiang
Shuai's not through the night2010-04-06 09:36:08 +0000 #5
Guo Shiqiang are passionate atmosphere of ease of playing with good players from great

Li Chunjiang is cool when the comparison type thing

wily sense of strengths, but still Li Chunjiang I prefer the Finals that year, the Liaoning team is very passionate



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