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"The Knicks and the Rockets first-round draft pick in 2011 exchange for the champion signed to prote

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Hello, the following are defined:

protected draft picks teams to ensure the Union's strength level is too poor not to increase the competition fierce and exciting to see nature, in After a year's finals, NBA will be held in late in June last year, "new draft," the General Assembly.

Participate in "draft" of the newcomers are generally college students across the United States, they are usually on the NCAA National Basketball League leader.

The most recent years, by the utilitarian thinking, many universities do not graduate, or even still in high school players have also participated in "draft." For example, in 1995, fifth in the first round selection by Minnesota's Kevin - Kevin Garnett, the first round in 1996 was selected 13th - Kobe Bryant, are all high school students enter directly into the NBA's.

For the young players to enter the draft, NBA based on their college (or high school) game scoring performance ranking. Then, NBA each team's regular season winning percentage for the year rankings, starting from the worst team score, followed by selection of players, each team in each round can only choose a new, usually for 2-3 Round draft.

In order to better reflect the principle of fairness, the top three first-round draft pick the same order and the record between the teams is through the draft order determined by lot. Draft before the Assembly, NBA League will be issued in 1000, table tennis, selection of the sequence number indicated above. Out the regular season, the worst team performance can pick 250 of them the right choice probability is 25%, followed by analogy. Not enter the playoffs last season, 11 teams, the best chance of success minimal.

NBA draft is divided into two rounds, the teams select players based on some predefined rules.

The most front of the draft picks are 14 does not enter the playoffs last season's team, these teams will take part in a lottery to determine each team's draft order, usually the more record last season bad location for the front pick the team pumped the greater the chance of signing. The next 16 are for those who pick the team playoffs, the 16 teams in the draw order is based on their regular season record to set, the more the worse the team performance overall draft pick The more the front, so the regular season record last season the best team in the draft position on the most rearward. It is worth mentioning that the 2004 draft, will be among the lottery pick at the end of a championship is not the last access to the Detroit Pistons, but the record in the regular season ranked first in Indiana Pacers .

Second-round draft pick and the first round of the same order. However, NBA teams trading players during the season to allow the market to take their second-round draft pick the right team as a bargaining chip in exchange for their needs from other players. Therefore, because the relationship between trade, the second-round draft pick of the structure is sometimes the first round of the draft with very different structure.

NBA each team must be in the process of the NBA draft to select at least one rookie player. Meanwhile, NBA League rules prohibit any team the next two years of their first-round picks are Naqu transactions. The introduction of this rule in part because the early 20th century, Cleveland Cavaliers 80 operation, from 1980 to 1983, Ted - Shi Taiping (Ted Stepien) is the Cleveland Cavaliers owner He operated a series of dubious business transaction Cavaliers players for several years to pay Liao Mei You have first-round draft pick of the costs, Shi Taiping of these failures player transactions came to a nearly destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Bude Bu Zuizhong to Shi Taiping pressure, let him sell Cleveland, then Cleveland, a wealthy local Gooden - Gander (Gordon Gund) and becomes the owner of the Cavaliers, in order to facilitate the deal, NBA gave the Cavaliers a few future reward pick. This rule only to "future" draft picks and effective. For example: In the 99-00 season, the team could be in 2000's first round draft pick sent away, regardless of whether they have in 99 years in first-round draft picks, the draft rights for 99 years is not the "future" draft picks. But they can not be 00 and in 2001 first-round draft picks were swapped out. Many of the team "next year" selling picks, is the truth. In addition, the team has a hand as long as the first-round draft pick that year, regardless of their own was promoting or in transfers from other teams come in hand, can do a few. As long as there is one, the others are sold does not matter.

In fact, the Knicks simply, is the 2011 champion if drawn the short straw, it can choose not to trade the Knicks to the rocket (not mandatory), and the rocket will be the first-round draft pick in 2012, 2012, this draft pick by the manager to discuss whether imposed by the protection regulations. in short the Knicks want to leave a high pick in the rookie. hope you help
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is the first priority is to be able to get the protection of ... scholar, not into the transaction on a ...



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