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Breakthrough rookie asked questions

If you become Ju2010-04-06 22:12:13 +0000 #1
back body singles, to lean on when he plays, how to be a cross under him, and I can not make total sense, despite the usual practice of the familiar one.

There are other extraordinary way? (Leaning on his time)

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ff83100812010-04-06 22:15:56 +0000 #2
back body singles, crotch extraordinary dribble, dribble can be turned extraordinary match with the crotch, turn to the left, the will ball delivered to the right hand, while the other person's foot with his left foot stuck on OK it! ! Turn right and the same, how else will know about it! !
3729372010-04-06 22:25:28 +0000 #3
lean on him to play the advantage of attack he can not determine your direction and turn the direction to improve their speed and balance enough to turn him
www62317872010-04-06 22:34:23 +0000 #4
turn: when playing close to each other, in a flash, hand sideways Long Zhu rely on outside foot to the back to get you through him ---
pig_p2010-04-06 22:58:25 +0000 #5
turn + backward or hook! A typical center to turn around and singles
doomday2010-04-07 00:00:31 +0000 #6
No room for cross-ah

cross under to the other party not directly under the hands?



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