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Shooting basketball when you are with your fingers Tuishang Qu? Knees and begged familiar with the p

Li fewer St2010-04-07 00:12:05 +0000 #1
Played 2 years basketball, and basic skills also is not allowed to shoot the ball, what to do?
cla512010-04-07 00:15:16 +0000 #2

I play SF, so shooting is not a good shot now specializes in a while 80% of the vote in a third of the 50% of the - #

The first is standing back not forward bow legs up and stretches his chest quite a bit apart, slightly wider shoulder to shoulder with both hands holding the ball in front

head up to watch the basket

Next, separate a small step one foot forward (which only the legs are you comfortable with) right leg bent the ball above the head prop (left-handed turn - #)

trust the hand ball elbows to right angles (90 °。。。。) parallel with the ground to the left hand side of the ball Fu Fu

Note that the last step up jump the legs Shi Jin Hing Wah Street West Hing Wah Street West foot note with the body movements and foot rhythm to jump right to the unity

before pushing the ball left to ensure stable and fast the ball out of hand when the wrist and hand movements to have a pressure of

this is very important as far as possible to keep the ball high in the side of the parabolic wipe board should pay attention to the angle of the ball and power have control of the ball by pressing the wrist speed

Do not worry when his vote to practice the very beginning to do a one to make moves slowly when I got to meet the needs of coherent

and quickly (the ball which you then scaled the estimated 5 6 seconds they do not cover your teammates you have to BS-ing a) action though out more

but so rapid is from the restricted area to be consistent within a practice not to worry a little bit out from the development of training from the basic spot is the jump shot and then do not

beginning, the pursuit of these fancy things backward trip are built on a solid decision based on the rate of shoot

hit do not have time for other personal shots against double teams you even when you are suddenly hard to remember a jumper We do not live in Bryant

call - a final wish you a speedy exhausted into a shooting in the basketball even found a group of good friends
9920181562010-04-07 01:01:38 +0000 #3
shot, either one hand or both hands, holding the ball, fingers should naturally open, palm empty out, using means that the root above the root and part of the ball increases the ball contact area, in order to maintain the stability of the ball, control the direction of the ball shot Shot
yyzzww1231232010-04-07 00:54:00 +0000 #4
dial up



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