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Winter basketball training program

caoyuanxuning2010-04-07 03:10:15 +0000 #1
Our schools are now popular basketball

But I do not how to play junior and senior high school to playing well.

I do not belong to athletic Intuit good, bouncing, power, and flexibility are very good.

But the dribble will not work and do not shoot.

There are 400 degrees of myopia, but I do not wear glasses to play for a long time, and no harm was.

My favorite moment to accelerate breakthrough dunk, I 184. Weight 75. Seems not fat, but muscle strength very good.

Once I accelerated into a sudden, no one can prevent to live, and I basically are deducted.

I dribble pretty poor. Winter vacation is now how I should continue the exercises. Qing master pointing Thank you - I still can not be Mo days Xue Xi Lian -
Sun Fei Dai Dai2010-04-07 03:17:19 +0000 #2
practice dribbling and shooting Mobie De Banfajiushi more Wan Zengjiashougan! From early winter morning, you can go to court and then dribble with people playing or practicing their shooting! When no one patted his practice over the next inter-operation behind the good dribbling Do not be afraid! Who started all shipped well!
J29050322010-04-07 03:44:42 +0000 #3
more playing like a, no trick, I was blind to play the final recommendation to the City by the teacher teams.

In fact, what is your lover, you intend to train him more practice and some moves are not used in verse used in the.

Keep up the good, man, believe in yourself!
Dnf special 12010-04-07 03:59:20 +0000 #4
is practicing dribbling?.

In a dark place to practice.

Qualified to practice in the uneven road.

Shooting started from the fixed point.

0 ° 45 ° 90 °.

Start with 90-degree fly.

Just aim for the basket.

the intensity a little debugging on OK.

Now there stands a good bounce play C Bai

.- - -



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