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Near Nanjing Qinhuai there a public basketball court?

Ka Wayi key2010-04-08 21:11:08 +0000 #1
My day in a cell pukou saw a public basketball court, did not know there is no such Qinhuai near the basketball court
earvin_rain2010-04-08 21:27:20 +0000 #2
Yes, sports have .

Wen Shu School (previous 19) is not there? Should be able to go play, or else go to 27 in there right, there certainly can be advanced, Qinhuai District as district support facilities are not very good, if not a basketball court.

In Qinhuai District Community Service Center can be. In addition, safflower Qinhuai District Basketball Hall of Culture, Radio and television stations, Qinhuai District Park, Ming Road # 18 (Da Ming Road, the alley behind the gas station, motor vehicle comprehensive performance testing center in Nanjing next to the alley I was selling Mercedes-Benz, BMW's) site: two half



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