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Little hope for the Rockets this season. Who of the next rocket next season, Murray will have alarmi

Hyy5201314yl2010-04-08 21:12:06 +0000 #1
I am feeling, what the Rockets can not make too much this summer so amazing are mine, cap space, while adequate, but the feeling of big fish are not interested in the rocket.
gq3314410632010-04-08 21:19:10 +0000 #2
I'll give you an analysis, opinion simple and obvious, do not make fun of.

First of all, said Murray next season to recover Stoudemire chase Bosh, I think the possibility is zero, the rocket did not so much money to such annual salary of nearly 20 million of the top power forward. And does not need, be sure Scola did not they good, but just look at the data and help the team, not much worse than they, and the price difference at least half. Also, if the two construction teams as the cornerstone of all, though I think not that big role, but with Yao Ming and do not feel What conflict? Are other people outside the ball feed, or put Yao sent away, or else powerful combination may not be strong.

The 詹姆斯韦德, rockets can not recover, not because people do not birds rocket is too many competitors, James Knight's own configuration very well, more money went to other teams to What? Currently no one is more suitable than the Cavaliers, James, and the Rockets could get no money, Wade is also, though the Heat almost, but slowly, Wade has already won, and not so much to James, Miami's weather and environment are good too much beauty, are also actively introduce high-level players, even if he was going away, nor is it able to attract to the Rockets, too difficult to mix Western and Martin have been a rocket. Unlikely. Not a big fish, two fish, said the summer's top players have a lot of maturity, who did not have a small check, but a lot of good, there are role players, the Rockets need reinforcement or backup center and guard, may be the introduction of a very good role players, or is a general point of the star. Rockets owner is too small gas, that is not bad money for next season, do not know to what extent, if you really can let go of the whole, you can believe that Murray's vision, if you still like this, I said this is species, reinforcing what, to open a full-middle class. Also did not have much. Concluded that, the other requirements rocket too high, not giants one, two refused to pay. Three did not star. Rocket launch hard, enjoy the game like
gujia0552010-04-08 21:45:36 +0000 #3
to see how the treatment of the final rocket Francis and Tracy McGrady, and this summer is to not make any major moves, and big stars are not coming, so Yao Ming would like to Rockets get a championship opportunity 0
tail_whip2010-04-08 22:27:26 +0000 #4
I think there will be no generous, but the transaction must be some, may be for a good guard, and then hit play Yao position, they play off the bench is playing shelled, so that two kinds of tactics, certainly a lot of teams will play dead! Opportunity ah next season, hoping the next season right! A good striker signed swingman!



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