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How can I enter NBA

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Dzodzo Fairy2010-04-08 22:19:57 +0000 #2
U.S. high school players enter the draft regulations for

(a) a settlement in the United States and have completed high school players, beginning in the 45 draft days written notice prior to the NBA, he gave up to enter university in the expression of the will to continue their studies after the NBA draft available to participate in the qualification. Once the player is any one NBA team is selected, then the following rules apply:

(i) under the following (b), provides that if the player does not participate in college basketball team, he will get to participate in NBA Draft qualifications. University entrance in his renunciation of the opportunity to participate in the day that he was eligible for the draft, period, if an NBA team as required each year to the player invitation, then the team will be the only player with a contract he signed team.

In this part of them, once the players get after the NBA draft is not eligible to participate in college basketball team to renounce the qualification, then this draft was for him to pick as "the second election."

To "alternatively" the players will be eligible to be selected to comply with applicable rules. If the players give up in the draft of college basketball because of eligibility after being selected, and the selection of his team does not sign player contracts, has failed to "alternatively" was selected player (in the previous statement made interpretation), which we call new free agent.

(Ii) If the players participate in college basketball, so when he later renounced to the effectiveness of the university basketball team opportunities, he is still eligible to get NBA draft. By then, he has been selected in the draft, and each required an invitation to the player's NBA team will remain in the draft one year after the date of his players to discuss and sign a contract priority.

In this part of the contents of which, once the player access to NBA draft, did not renounce the post-qualification to participate in college basketball team qualified, then this pick on him will be treated as "primary", the next election show was seen as "the second election." The "Second Choice" players will be eligible to be selected to comply with applicable rules.

(B) a settlement in the United States and have completed high school players, NBA draft, if you do not have the qualifications to participate in and outside the U.S. and a signed professional basketball team, he will be eligible to participate in the next NBA Draft . If selected, he will be seen as defined above in section IV of the "players." Among the contents of this section, "professional basketball team," said one within any country to force him to pay any type of basketball players, and more than ordinary living expenses money or compensation basketball team.

Overseas players for the NBA draft, the rules

(a) Among the contents of this section, a "foreign player" means any residence outside the United States amateur or professional basketball player.

(B) an overseas player after reaching 22 years of age are eligible to participate in NBA draft. No more than 22 years of age and not in the 22-year-old birthday that year was selected in the draft, the players, we call rookie free agent.

(C) Notwithstanding the above (b) the provisions of subsection A have not attended college in the United States basketball team's overseas player under the age of 22, still in its birthday was eligible to enter the draft:

(i) he must prior to the draft, at least 18 years of age;

(ii) he must start in the draft 45 days written notice prior to the NBA, expressing hope that the will be eligible to enter the draft.

(D) an overseas player in the draft before the season if the effectiveness of U.S. college basketball team, then he must comply with section 5 above to complete or abandon their studies at the University requirements.
Luoning332010-04-08 22:17:45 +0000 #3
your only way is to `` wait for the advanced performance of CBA and NBA scouts
sbwx2010-04-08 23:02:10 +0000 #4
View CCTV-5, directly into the NBA it! -
Hobby20042010-04-08 23:09:15 +0000 #5
First of all, love of basketball to have a heart, a dedicated heart, Yao Ming had;

Second, have a good physical condition, height, muscle, bounce, if you self-confidence and black body can fight;

last is small basketball practice basic skills, dribbling, shooting, pace, NBA players most of the basic skills are very good, even O'Neal could play crossover;

and most importantly, do not beat CBA, to the United States from high school or college league hit, because the CBA will limit the players to go abroad, but also from the CBA to the NBA, not wait for you to adapt to the pace there, he was laid off people.

In fact, there are a lot of Chinese people playing great, really hope that more Chinese players in the NBA flash!
100 000 000 Water Love2010-04-09 00:08:57 +0000 #6
advanced CBA, CBA break in the sky, to attract NBA scouts attention, and into training camp before the draft, the last to enter the draft, NBA teams are picked, so you enter the NBA has. You have the strength you
Renxj232010-04-08 22:54:02 +0000 #7
two conditions: 1. Have NBA teams are willing to be you; 2. Your country is willing to tell you where to go.



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