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Ask how you count walking

East China in the name of Detective2010-04-09 00:12:11 +0000 #1
go two steps for every ball in the hands of another shipment of the ball count as walking?

There are not dribble the ball, after, out of the two steps and then dribble count walk?

I play basketball, walk often confused the issue, how to ask what should be considered?
E £ smile2010-04-09 00:27:16 +0000 #2
the first one is not walking.

Because the dribble must be transported in a ball within three steps.

The second is walking.

Be a step for receiving the ball. Longer follow the two steps to three steps. So is walking.

If you really do not understand technology can go to the bookstore to buy a NBA look like a book. .
Luffy · D · Zoro2010-04-09 00:27:41 +0000 #3

Operator. Bounce the ball after the ball is not even walk 2 feet move, move one foot, not walk another foot fixed. So after catching the most common first patted Insurance
_ I am lonely2010-04-09 01:25:26 +0000 #4
operator. The ball and not after two layups to walk away. If the layup is the continuity of the action. Can not walk two in the Games



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