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We believe that the rocket to go in exchange for McGrady, Carl Martin worth?

Runyuzz2010-04-09 23:10:03 +0000 #1
I think that Martin seems of no use, 1 thin 2 defense allowed four shots is not bad 3 will pass -. -
bloody Phoenix2010-04-09 23:24:25 +0000 #2
I also feel that loss, but still see Landry, Brooks, Lori. I still feel that we should believe Morey. After all, people are doing that's

but mainly Lan Lan gone, very sad.

On the McGrady Daoshi Some more willing to stick the ball

Madison that do not play for the Rockets star. Rockets played well the whole year. No center. God of the sea with 198 on top of also spell more than 5 percent winning percentage. Rare

and then hope that McGrady can get back in the state of the Knicks, get good grades. Trading on the best team win a

repeat transactions, new players must have the adaptation period. Iron normal

but Martin shot speed, good foul. More like a team player with Bimai Di

Trevor Ariza Trevor Ariza is the first time in team play such an important role in

natural need of adjustment. And the rocket does not dispute this. Now that under the Note to Ariza, they should trust him, fans also have to understand. If you could develop Ariza. Even a very successful year.

As originally less a center this year. The two leaders take a look at Durant ...

40% of the first season, second on 47% of the

James is 40% of the first season, now approaching 50 +% natural Ariza though, but the former than the , but definitely not bad. So please give Trevor Ariza and the new players a little time.

Finally said, the Qiaodanxier. He and Lan Lan type something like. Explosive are good

although the data is not good, but I hope Adelman can have a good tuning. Or phrase, Morey's vision is to look forward to
xps5672010-04-09 23:56:36 +0000 #3
okay ah, look at McGrady hit yesterday after the Bucks dropped into 3 limped also limped in, Martin had occupied the first for a long time in scoring it, although I have no confidence in him, but give him time, there Qiaodanxier ah, less than the
z and so I had a day2010-04-09 23:20:38 +0000 #4
to give him some time and go for the rocket will also not just Landry Martin is mainly because the two first-round draft pick the Knicks is the value of ah
szhuowang2010-04-10 00:41:17 +0000 #5
short-term worth, the long-term view also.
Xwbest2010-04-10 00:58:48 +0000 #6
give him time ah!
TMai boss2010-04-10 01:40:45 +0000 #7
hard to say now, but really worth it to say, I think it is worth it. Do not just look at now, to see the future.

The usefulness of the deal is back next season, Yao Ming, if Qiaodanxier can play out, perhaps to replace Landry.

There are those from the Knicks got the two draft picks, to believe Morey's eye.

So these deals are still earning
Dream MM Yiqiu2010-04-10 01:31:45 +0000 #8
Time to test the truth of De the only standard
Siu Ho Warriors2010-04-10 03:11:48 +0000 #9
Wei Xiao cloth share those

had rocket Zhiyou a player Nenggou Zijichuangzao score Ji Hui, Na Jiu Shi Aaron - Brooks. Brooks bad state when the rocket attack system will collapse. Martin is a steady shooter, is a proven offensive players had their own strength, he will help Brooks grow, so do not need a small cloth barely shot. If the opponents double team to deal with a small cloth, Martin can hurt opponents in the outside, he and a small cloth will be the strongest league in offensive backcourt. To provide a stable shooting

Andre - Andre Iguodala, Kirk - Kirk Hinrich is a good player, but also have aroused interest in the rocket, but they are not as accurate as Martin shot. Martin throughout his career and has 39% of the third shot, he is essential for the lack of Yao Ming's Rockets, especially in the current starting center in Houston (Chuck - Chuck Hayes) fully understand the case of attack. Yao Ming back then, Martin's outside shooting ability to help the Giants opened the attack space.

The new energy

Martin is a warrior, he was not afraid of physical confrontation, is willing to pay the biggest price for the victory. Rockets now have Sean - Shane Battier, Trevor - Trevor Ariza and Hayes this energy type player opponents on the overwhelming difficulty in imposing the rocket. The arrival of Martin rocket existing players have more vision and confidence.

If you're supporting the ball like a rocket fast break, then you should like to see Martin appears in the lineup. Martin's fast, he and Trevor Ariza, Brooks lineup outside the composition of the rocket attack and defense conversion will allow more efficient. Martin has a good sense of the game, he can coordinate them in fast-break ball, create, or want to get the alley-oop. Rockets do not take into account the backup point guard Kyle - Lori Martin good control of the ball can help rocket attacks and more smoothly.

Rocket cast shots many times this season because of the lack of "Mr. Key" and lost the game score clenching, Brooks and Carl - Carl's performance at the last moment is not stable. If a small cloth and Landry feel bad in the fourth quarter, the Rockets even once a leading opponent will lose. Martin will be the Rockets are now the key to the ball first choice, although he is not - Kobe Bryant, but he has a good ability to create fouls, the last time outside shot is also very reliable. Martin's "real shot" close to 60% among the active players outside the second row. With Martin, the Rockets scored the last minute will have a grasp.



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